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Is your company future-proof? The 8 features of a Bright Future Business

In my latest book, so far it is only available in German, the English version will be published soon, I describe the eight characteristics of a future-proof company. I call such companies a "Bright Future Business." Here, I will provide you with a summary of the eight characteristics.

Russia-Ukraine – Too much history – too little future

How does someone like me and my team, who are working intensively on the future and on strategies for the future, deal with the Russia-Ukraine war? How can there still be a good future?

Metaverse for business! This is what you need to know and do

Suddenly everyone is talking about the Metaverse. The next big thing? Is that realistic? Is it really going to happen? What threats and what opportunities does the metaverse bring for you professionally and for your business? Find out the answers here.


Reasons for bankruptcy: This is why most companies fail

There are several reasons for bankruptcy. You have come to the right place if you want to future-proof your business.


THE FUTURE IS ALREADY HERE: S-Curves in the early phase

Some people say: "That's not the future! That already exists! There's a thinking error and bias behind that. Have you heard of the S-curve?

New markets and jobs: Wind power, but differently

Die Schifffahrt belastet die Atmosphäre massiv. Doch es gibt eine konkrete Lösung für das Umweltproblem: Windkraft, aber anders.

Das ist die wichtigste Qualifikation für die Zukunft

The most important qualification for the future

Qualification of the future: If intelligent machines can do more and more, what is the most important ability and characteristic of humans?

AI translators: You will speak all languages

For as long as I can remember, people have said you have to learn foreign languages to be successful in your career. That could prove to be bad advice in the future. The reason: AI translators are getting better and better!

Ihre Mission ist entscheidend

PURPOSE? WHY? MISSION? What do you really need?

A well-formulated mission consists of five elements. Why and purpose are the cornerstones of a good mission.

FUTURE BUSINESS: AI app helps save millions of lives

In this series on Future Business, we look at markets and business areas that are just getting started on the famous s-curve, meaning they still offer great opportunities and are transferable to many industries. Certainly also to your business and your job.