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Here you will find current publications by our experts on future management, forward-looking leadership, the impact of a motivating vision and a robust strategy for the future.

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Metaverse for business! This is what you need to know and do

Suddenly everyone is talking about the Metaverse. The next big thing? Is that realistic? Is it really going to happen? What threats and what opportunities does the metaverse bring for you professionally and for your business? Find out the answers here.

New markets and jobs: Wind power, but differently

Die Schifffahrt belastet die Atmosphäre massiv. Doch es gibt eine konkrete Lösung für das Umweltproblem: Windkraft, aber anders.

The Trend System for your business

Professionally managed companies systematically observe and use future trends. Use the FMG Trend System for this!

Do hydrogen fuel cell cars have a bright future?

Hydrogen is the future of the automotive industry. You hear that everywhere. But will it be? This article gives an overview of all arguments and a well-founded assumption of the future.


Will this get us to 100% renewable energy?

Electricity storage is a huge future market! And not just for the utility companies, but for virtually every company, directly or indirectly. If you want to know more about the visionary concept of gravity storage, this is THE video for you. Dr. Pero Mićić brings all the important arguments and his assessment.

Tesla Model S Supercharger

Electric Cars – Really the Future?

Will electric cars really dominate? Are they really the future? If you want to have a competent voice on these questions, this is the article for you. I'll give you all the key arguments. And at the end, I'll tell you what I think about this.

How to navigate through and beyond the corona crisis: A ten step guide for leaders

After my colleague Dr. Pero Mićić shared the Corona Scenarios, leaders from all industries asked us how to use them for their own strategic thinking.