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What are your real opportunities in the crisis?

Crisis opportunity no. 01: Lead! Accept your role as leader and “hero” in the crisis

Learn to feel comfortable in the role as leader. This is a very basic opportunity. The prerequisite for all other opportunities.

In the first part of this series on your strategy in the corona crisis, I presented four scenarios to show you how the corona crisis could continue. How bad it could get and how long it could take. If you haven’t seen or heard the scenarios yet, this would be a good first step before you approach the opportunities in the crisis. Here you will find the scenarios!

For thousands of years people have said that every crisis holds opportunities. But what does that mean in specific terms? What opportunities do you now have as a leader with your team, your company and your organization?

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 19 years old, I have been personally responsible for employees, their well-being and their salary. I know the difficult situations of entrepreneurship not only intellectually and theoretically, but I also know all the emotional and psychological challenges.

Maybe that is why there is little I hate as much as time-wasting shallow talk. You probably feel the same way. So let’s find the opportunities together and make them as concrete as possible. I am seizing these opportunities myself.

At the end of 2019, the world was far from perfect. It was just our normal imperfect world, in which we had found our way around quite well. Then, in March 2020, the corona crisis came, kicked us into a whole new strange world within a few days and became a huge challenge for all of us.

The corona crisis causes great suffering. Everyone says that, everyone knows that. I want to focus on the opportunities here with you now. Opportunities are possibilities for action which, if we seize them, will help us now and after the crisis to make our world a better place. And will help you to shape your future company.

You know this from novels and movies. At first, everything is all well and good and then suddenly the big threat shows up. Aliens, enemies, predators, a volcano or – a virus. People start looking for those who can save us. Many of the potential rescuers have long since given up and stay down. Some struggle with themselves. But then they say, somewhat reluctantly, “Yeah, okay, I’ll do it. I’ll lead you out of trouble, out of crisis.

The time for heroes and heroic stories

Maybe it sounds a little too melodramatic for you. Now is the time for heroic deeds and heroic stories that you will later enjoy telling. The time for heroes and heroic stories :). For leaders. And no, I don’t subscribe to the “Great Man Theory” or “Great Woman Theory”. Everybody is a leader in their own environment. Some always, some part-time. At least each of us leads him or herself.

This is the first opportunity. It’s actually the foundation, the basis for you to be able to seize the following opportunities. Become aware of your role as a leader! You have to focus on what you can shape yourself. And so does your team. What you cannot change yourself only costs time and energy. And it paralyzes.

The bridge from the present to success after the crisis is built from exactly these opportunities. To be realistic: things will be anything but comfortable on this bridge. Perhaps the imaginary winds will blow like hurricanes, it will rain like buckets, problems will force you to take steps back, cynics and hater will laugh and mock you from the sidelines. Nevertheless, it should not be an option for you to stay on this side of the shore just because it is easier now.

Chances are neither predictions nor dreams

To see the opportunities, you need the “green futures glasses”, the futures glasses for the options, the possibilities, the opportunities to creatively shape your own future. Where there are no opportunities, there is no decision, no action and no success and no life.

Chances are neither predictions nor dreams. Opportunities are possibilities. For each of us. We must seize them, we have to act to make things better. And we have to act now.

So opportunity number one is to lead. To accept your role as leader and “hero” in the crisis. Learn to feel comfortable in that role.

Your specific task

Describe your leadership role for yourself in writing and in detail. Clarify yourself as a leader. What do you expect from yourself? Who hopes for your leadership? What do others expect from you? How do you want to be useful to others? What is on your mind when you think about this? What do you ask yourself? What opportunities do you see?

Have a bright future!


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