FMG at a glance

Who is the FMG?

  • Leader in consulting for future management
  • Experts in future markets, vision, strategy, leadership, and innovation
  • 20 employees, from MBAs to physicists and theologians
  • Founded in 1991 - European pioneer with the most extensive experience in future management

Who are the clients of FMG?

  • The FMG works for the leaders of midsize and large corporations
  • The FMG has worked with clients in over 30 countries

What is the purpose of the FMG?

  • Future management involves systematically handling future changes in the marketplace and developing future robust strategies.
  • FMG supports leaders in leading with foresight and aligning their business fields, and offers advice for strategic decisions.
  • FMG develops and implements a motivating and future robust positioning, vision, and strategy for leaders,
  • and thus creates the most important basis for effective leadership and sustainable success for the company and its employees.

Which specific jobs does the FMG perform?

Recognizing and understanding different future scenarios

  • Recognizing and analyzing trends and technologies and drawing conclusions
  • Developing scenarios of markets of the future and drawing conclusions
  • Identifying potential surprises and dangers and developing contingent strategies
  • Managing trends and technologies by means of a semantic data bank

Recognizing opportunities and threats

  • Examining and improving the future capability of business fields
  • Recognizing and using strategic opportunities
  • Recognizing surprises and threats and turning them into opportunities
  • Identifying and evaluating search fields and fields of opportunities for innovation
  • Finding and developing new business fields

Developing positioning, vision and guiding principles

  • Developing a motivating and future robust mission and vision
  • Developing a differentiated and future robust positioning
  • Developing successful business models
  • Developing a unifying mission statement
  • Developing a forward looking and pioneering company culture

Developing strategies

  • Developing a roadmap to realize the vision and goals
  • Developing implementation concepts
  • Planning financial benchmarks for operation and investment

Implementing strategies

  • Win the favor of employees for the mission and vision
  • Helping to experience and understand future robust strategies
  • Identifying and training future skills
  • Providing methodical and motivating support for the implementation of strategy
  • Providing methodical and facilitative support for the agile implementation of projects

What kind of formats does the FMG work in?

  • Consulting projects
  • Guidance on long term projects
  • Labs, workshops, coachings
  • Education, seminars, and training
  • Research and analysis
  • Keynotes

What is special about the FMG?

  • Europe’s most experienced future management company
  • Focused on the specific needs of leaders
  • Outstanding references from many known market leaders
  • Specialized experts in the most important future markets
  • FutureNet, the artificial intelligence network for trends, technologies, and future markets
  • Eltville Model, the only model comprising future and strategy comprehensively and with semantic consistency
  • A broad range of methods and tools such as scenario planning, design-thinking, and agile project implementation
  • Fun in Excellence, a pioneering corporate culture and organization
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+49 (0) 6123 - 60109 - 0