"We inspire and equip leaders for vision and strategic foresight!"

Have a bright future!

We believe that every person, including you and your employees, should see a bright future ahead.
We believe that only with a clear, motivating, and powerful vision of the future, your employees’ and your company’s energy can be focused, agile and consistent.

We believe that with a motivating and future robust mission, positioning, vision, and strategy you can act more future-intelligently in the here and now. For your future to be as bright as you want it to be.

We believe that you should not dream your future. That would be irresponsible.

We believe that your orientation, vision, and strategy should not only be motivating, but also future robust, weatherproof, and sound to adequately prepare you for the uncertainties of the future.

That is why we employ our skills, resources, and passions in the service of your future.

Have a bright future!

Manage your future! You have no choice

How can you manage something that doesn't exist? You cannot touch, measure, weigh, or count the future. So, you cannot manage it either?
We can only manage the future in our heads, because that is the only place where it exists. Our assumptions, opportunities, hopes, fears, goals, and plans reside in our minds.

“It is the mind that creates the body,” Friedrich Schiller wrote in Wallenstein. What starts as the future in our minds will become our reality tomorrow.

Your business, your success, and your balance sheet today have been generated years ago by your strategy, which was based on your assumptions of the future and on your perception of your opportunities back then.

What you assume, perceive, decide, and do about the future today determines the quality of your future.
Your knowledge about the future can be broadened, enriched, solidified, and made more effective - to ensure that you will decide, shape, and act more future-intelligently.

This is what we call future management: Handling professionally the future that resides in your mind and in the minds of your employees.

Future-Management is the only task you cannot delegate

You can buy future knowledge, expert opinions, scenarios, trend studies, analyses, and much more raw material. You can hire your own experts on future, trends, innovation, and strategy. Hundreds of them, if you like.

But you cannot buy assumptions and beliefs.

Your assumptions and convictions emerge within your mind. You can only shape and change them yourself. There is no other way.

You can delegate everything except managing your future. And you don't. You are and always have been a future manager. We are all managers of our futures.

We gave this task and discipline a name: future-management.

Your effective future-management satisfies existential entrepreneurial needs. You are aligned more effectively, are more confident, optimistic, innovative, energetic, passionate and therefore, far more successful too.

Your Future Management is the bridge to your future - and back

There is a huge comprehension gap between your needs as a leader and the offers of future and trend researchers. You don't understand each other. This is still true today. Because the future researchers cannot empathize with the real problems leaders deal with. As a result, leaders complain that future research is not concrete and tangible, not useful, and even a bit shady.

We have closed this comprehension gap for thousands of leaders with our unique approach to future management.

Future researchers and experts offer useful resources. You just have to know how to process and use this raw material for strategic orientation, decisions, and general leadership. Knowing how is one thing, but actually doing it is what’s really difficult. That requires a lot of experience.

Your Future Management is the bridge to your future - and back

With our FutureNet, the Eltville Model, our methods, tools and, above all, with the skills and experiences of FMG employees, we are your bridge from the world of corporate leadership to the word of future research and future markets and back again to your orientation, vision, strategy, and daily operations.

Why and what for?

We work so you and your employees can live well in the future. Today, all of us live off the ideas and strategies from our past. And in our future, we will live off the markets, businesses, and professions we are beginning to build today.

Two thirds of today’s elementary students will work in jobs that do not yet exist. And your company will operate in areas that you don't yet know.

What will you, your employees and their families live on in the future?

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