The most experienced future managers in Europe

Work with the pioneers of future management

1991 we, the FMG, were the first private company in Europe that specialized in future management. Thereafter, many competitors entered the market and copied us to a good part.

With FMG you have the partner with the longest and greatest experience in future management in Europe.

Enjoy success reliability for your future and strategy projects

The longest and most extensive experience in future management and excellent references from leading companies offer reliability for the success of your projects.

Only the most experienced and professional experts are supposed to work on your future.

Profit from the worldwide network of FMG

We use and cultivate a worldwide network with futures experts.

We are a founding member of the Association of Professional Futurists based in the United States with 300 futures experts all over the world.

Numerous international institutes of futures research we are in close contact with.

The study course "Strategic Foresight" at Houston University, the "Teach the Future Foundation" and similar organisations we support as advisory council.

Die erfahrensten Zukunftsmanager
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+49 (0) 6123 - 60109 - 0