FMG at a glance

  • FMG’s mission: We inspire and equip leaders for vision and strategic foresight.
  • FMG is the leading company for developing a motivating vision and future robust strategy.
  • FMG is a team of experts on vision- and strategy development as well as for future markets, trends, technologies and innovation.
  • FMG are 20 employees from a variety of disciplines.
  • FMG was founded in 1991 and is therefore the European pioneer with the most extensive experience in future-management.
  • FMG works for the leaders of midsize and large corporations and organizations.
  • FMG has worked for clients in over 30 countries on four continents.

FMG is the leading company for developing a motivating vision and future robust strategy.

  • Europe’s most experienced experts in future-management
  • Focused on the specific needs of leaders
  • Outstanding credentials from many well known market leaders
  • Specialized experts in the most important future markets
  • Five Futures Glasses reflect all five human motives for the future and are therefore the basis for FMG’s work
  • Eltville Model, the only model comprising future and strategy comprehensively and with semantic consistency
  • FutureNet, the artificial intelligence network for trends, technologies, and future markets
  • A broad range of methods and tools such as scenario planning, design-thinking, and agile project implementation
  • Fun in Excellence, a pioneering corporate culture and organization

Develop future strategy

  • FMG develops with you your strategic direction in the form of your future robust mission, your unique positioning and your motivating vision.
  • FMG develops your strategic direction towards promising future markets on the basis of scenario analyses and assumption analyses.
  • FMG develops with you your intelligent business model.
  • FMG develops with you your roadmap to achieve your vision.
  • FMG develops with you your agile strategy towards your vision.
  • Thus, FMG unifies your team and helps them stay focused.

Implement future strategy

  • FMG supports you to develop your corporate culture for the future.
  • FMG supports your leaders to communicate the vision and strategy impressively and effectfully to their teams and to compel them for a joint way into a bright future.
  • FMG identifies and trains the necessary leadership skills for the future.

Recognize and understand future markets

  • Recognize and analyze trends and technologies and derive necessary action
  • Develop scenarios of future markets and derive necessary action
  • Identify potential surprises and threats and develop contingency strategies
  • Manage trends and technologies by means of a semantic database

Recognize opportunities and threats

  • Examine and improve the future fitness of business fields
  • Recognize and seize strategic opportunities
  • Recognize surprises and threats and turn them into opportunities
  • Identify and evaluate search fields and fields of opportunities for innovation
  • Find, evaluate and develop new business fields

Support implementation

  • Support the implementation of your strategy with methods and tools
  • Support your projects with methods, tools and facilitation
  • Develop concepts
  • Plan financial benchmarks for operations and investment

What are the working formats of FMG?

  • Consulting projects at your site
  • Consulting projects online
  • Support with long term programs
  • Labs, workshops, coachings
  • Education, seminars, and training
  • Research and analysis
  • Keynotes