Senior FutureManager

Professional Background

  • Dipl.-Ingenieur in sensor systems engineering
    MBA from Babson College, Wellesley, USA with a focus on entrepreneurship and business strategy
  • Former partner and owner of a consultancy in the field of R&D and innovation management
  • Long-term experience as an innovation consultant
  • Since 2018 part of the FMG

Responsibilities at FMG

  • Project management for clients especially in the areas of machines and tools, design and production as well as materials
  • Focus on the development and implementation of future strategies and directing companies towards future markets
  • Consulting and coaching for top managers
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Publications on future markets, innovation and future strategy

As an expert in future markets for machines and tools, design and production as well as materials, Marin Baraba speaks on his area of expertise.

Future market topics

  • Digitization – how sensors and new business models are changing the world
  • Swallowing the fish: why ‘access’ not ‘ownership’ will transform the production industry
  • Rise of the intelligent machine – fact or fiction?

Future management topics

  • The six blind men and the elephant:
    why your (wrong) assumptions are damaging your corporate strategy
  • Everything used to be worse – what opportunities do new trends and technologies offer for your company?
  • The true value of vision – why you can’t do without the most powerful leadership tool

Current topics

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