Senior FutureManager: Consultant for foresight and strategy

We are a leading expert in future management. In 1991, we were the first German-speaking company in a fascinating field. We advise top-level management teams of leading international mid-size and large companies in the processes of identifying, evaluating, and utilizing opportunities in future markets.

You are a moderator and consultant, who masters current moderation techniques and will not shy away from using innovative tools and methods. You have a lot of energy and know how to inspire others in pleasant ways.

You have been at home in an industry for several years and have established a good professional network. You see yourself as a life entrepreneur; you work with results in mind while being sound and precise. You have high expectations of yourself and your work.

Ideally, you are between 35 and 40 years old, or older, and have already proven yourself in the fields of strategy, innovation, or foresight. You have reached a high approval rate in management and top-management levels. You have shown that you can market your performance.

You have graduated successfully in business or engineering and are well versed in creating innovative yet well-founded concepts. English is your second professional language.

You want to work in a successful team with a motivating mission, a common vision, a persuasive value for clients, and a pleasant company culture.

You are not just looking for a job, but for a professional purpose that fulfills you, meets your skills, and offers an attractive perspective for the future. If you are made for the role of a Senior FutureManager at FMG, we don’t wait for an open “position;” we rev up together.

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Feeling good with FMG

Our headquarters are in Eltville. That’s why we work with the Eltville Model und organize the Eltville Future Days. Our main offices are in neighboring Walluf.

Eltville lies on the banks of the river Rhine in the Rhine Valley, the most beautiful corner of the Rhein-Main area, which is one of the most vital economic regions in Europe.

 Charter of Diversity

We have signed the Charter of Diversity out of conviction. The Charter of Diversity promotes the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the world of work.

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