What will you live on tomorrow?


Dr. Pero Micic

Dear leader,
for almost 30 years we have been developing the future strategies of leading global companies. We are the European pioneer of future management.
One of the big questions we answer with clients is: “What will you live on tomorrow? It’s about new future business fields and sources of income. Be it that your current business is threatened by new technologies or disruptive competitors or by social change. Or out of a desire to develop, because you feel that you could make even more out of your company and its capabilities.
The NEW BUSINESS PROGRAM is a fundamental innovation in business development.
It is an intelligent combination of online training, consulting, coaching and the most effective methods and tools. Everything online. This gives you an enormous benefit with a low investment.

You can use the NEW BUSINESS PROGRAM as an open program under my supervision, so that you share the investment with executives and experts from other companies. You can participate yourself or let colleagues and employees participate.
You can also use it as an in-house program with a team from your company, for your entire company or for one unit. One of our experienced experts will then take the lead. We are also happy to provide personal support on site.
The NEW BUSINESS PROGRAM is an unrivalled solution for future business areas and sources of income. I am looking forward to our joint work on the future of your company.
Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić

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New Business Program - Initiate implementation


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