Your way to a robust, motivating and effective future-strategy

Create future-orientation - Develop future-strategy - Make future-strategy work

To ensure that all FMG's work results are consistent and of one piece, we use the Eltville Model. The different colors correspond to the "Five Futures Glasses".

The first phase "create future-orientation" forms the robust foundation of your future-strategy. You get a clear picture of the probable and possible changes in your market. This enables you to recognize and understand the threats and opportunities of the future.

The second phase "develop future-strategy" leads to a clear, unifying, unique and future-robust mission for you. You crown your future strategy with a motivating and credible vision.

The third phase "make future-strategy work" ensures that your leaders communicate the future-strategy effectively to their employees and that your future strategy reaches the minds, hearts, bellies and hands of your employees and is consistently implemented in day-to-day business.

The FMG solution program in detail: 3 phases - 8 steps - 26 solution modules

The first phase, "Create future-orientation", begins with us understanding you and your motives as well as your business very precisely and grasping your situation. This results in what exactly has to be done with which priority. Then we focus our attention on your market and your environment with the blue future goggles, especially on the expected future changes. You look with us at future scenarios and make your usually unconscious assumptions about the future much more sound. Every strategic decision you make today is based on them.

Through the red future glasses you look at potential surprises and disruptions in your market. To do this, you play wargames with your current and potential competitors.

In the second phase "Develop future-strategy" we answer questions such as "What could make your company become? What will you live on tomorrow?" We first use the green futures glasses to identify and develop your future opportunities.

The yellow future glasses help you to focus and clarity and result in a future-proof mission, positioning and vision, to which we jointly develop a successful business model. Where are you leading to? What do you want your company to be and to look like five or ten years from now?

A future-strategy is not complete without a supportive culture. With the third phase, "Make future-strategy work", we recognize that only what reaches the minds, hearts and hands of your employees is effective. We present your future-strategy in pictures and videos and train you to convey your vision of the future impressively, enthusiastically and convincingly. With the purple glasses of the future, we determine the most intelligent and efficient way of implementation. We make sure that every team and every employee has a clear idea of the contribution they want to make to the implementation of your future-strategy. Thinking and acting should not be separated. That is why we train you and your leaders in forward-looking leadership, develop a cockpit for measuring progress and support you in the agile realization of your projects.

Formats of our collaboration

  • You benefit from our unique and effective methods and tools

    Future Survey
    FMG Survey to capture today’s evaluation of the present and the future

    Business Mapper
    Business Mapper to visualize and analyze strategies and business models

    Visual Datenbank
    Visual Database for consistent visual thinking in work processes

    Artificially intelligent tools for scanning and analysis, such as our Start-up-Scanner

    FutureNet, das semantische Wissensnetz für Trends und Technologien aus der Zukunftsforschung
    FutureNet, the semantic net of future research and knowledge about trends and technologies

    Szenario-Generator to systematically solidify your future assumptions

    FMG Roadmaps to integrate the mapping of futures, goals, strategies, and activities

    FMG Wargames to identify possible competitive surprises and the opportunities they hold

    50+ effective creative tools to develop opportunities

    Opportunity Database modeling 200+ opportunities of successful companies

    Business Evaluator
    Business Evaluator to rate the future capabilities of business areas

    Opportunity Generator to systematically conceptualize your positioning options

    Strategy Database modeling 100+ proven principles for strategizing and positioning

    Business Model Generator
    Business Model Generator modeling 200+ elements of new business models

    Vision Database providing the missions and visions of 100+ companies as benchmarks

    Vision Test Station to future proof your mission, vision, and guidelines

    Semantische Dokumentation
    Semantic Documentation of your strategy in the knowledge net

    Vision Presentation
    Vision Presentation to present your vision and strategy in visually impressive ways

    Vision Video
    Vision Video to communicate your vision and strategy in entertaining and inspiring ways

    Vision Event
    Vision Event to enable an emotional experience of your vision and strategy

    Strategy Workshops
    Strategy Workshops to consequently implement your strategy

    Agile Projects
    Agile Projects to implement projects quickly and accurately

    zukunftsweisende Methoden und Werkzeuge
    50+ pioneering methods and tools to analyze, design, and make decisions

    Empathy methods to identify and test needs and solutions (Design Thinking)

    Execution Power Extenders
    Execution Power Extenders to conserve, strengthen, and increase your implementation power

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