Dr. Pero Mićić

Pioneer of future management

This question has been driving Pero Mićić for almost 30 years. He is not after vague predictions and scenarios or generic mega trends and definitely not after naïve extrapolation of micro trends.

His core questions are: What is ahead? What will you live on? Where are you leading to? How can you make your business future robust?
There are many futurists and trend researchers. But only one future manager. To Pero Mićić future projections and scenarios are just raw material. far away from entrepreneurial reality. Only if you make them effective in the here and now they really have value, because you assess, decide and act better.

Pero Mićić is the European pioneer of future management. Dr. Pero Mićić founded the first company for future management in Europe in 1991, while still a student. Today, he is still chairman of the board of FutureManagementGroup AG.

Dr. Mićić reports from the practice. He speaks daily with the leaders of the business community. As an investor, among others in the field of artificial intelligence, Pero Mićić has his finger on the pulse of trends, future technologies and business models.

In hundreds of projects, he has analyzed future markets with the executives of well-known corporations and leading medium-sized companies, developed visions and future strategies, and won over employees for implementation. His clients are international family businesses, corporations, but also organizations such as the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Since 2019, Dr. Mićić has been a professor at Steinbeis University in Berlin. His methods are taught at several universities. Pero Mićić has published six award-winning books in renowned publishing houses. In 2012, the received the Strategy Forum’s Strategy Award, in 2014 the Most Significant Futures Work Award and the International Book Award.

Dr. Mićić is a founding member of the Association of Professional Futurists in the USA and an advisory board member of the first and oldest degree program in Future Studies and Foresight in Houston/Texas. He was chairman of the advisory board of the “European Futurists Conference”, was chairman of the “Conference for International Trend and Future Management” and chairman of the supervisory board of a large educational company.

Dr. Mićić inspires with fascinating and often surprising scenarios while making them easy to understand and useful. He conveys easily implementable strategies for dealing with the future. Always concrete, always related to existential goals of companies and people, pure practice in the middle of business and the reality of life.

With an impressive presentation style and over 1,400 lectures in 30 countries on four continents from San Francisco to Moscow to Singapore, he is a speaker in demand worldwide. He has shared the stage with German Chancellor, prime ministers and U.S. Secretary of State, among others. He speaks in German and English, occasionally also in French and Serbian/Croatian.

This is how speaker Pero Mićić can be characterized: calm and rousing in equal measure; with a sovereign voice and a sparkle in his eye for future topics; right from the heart of practice and yet always scientifically underpinned; provocative, humorous and respectful. In short: someone who will inspire you and your guests for the future!


See and understand the future

Lead (yourself) into the future!

Act future-intelligently now!


  • You have the great gift, to explain complex things in a simple and comprehensive way. Ulrich Wickert, ARD
  • Mićić predicts which companies and managers will be ahead in ten years from now. Handelsblatt
  • Really brilliant. That’s future competence with brain and heart. Universität Hannover
  • Never before have we been so inspired by a speech. VDR
  • The speech was in our employees minds for a long time. o2
  • Everyone was deeply impressed by his captivating speech. He provided valuable insights that will enrich the work of the entrepreneurs in the future. Dr. Rainer Beyer, MEKOM
  • Pero Mićić is an inspiring bliss! What a great evening! Monika Scheddin, Woman’s Business Club
  • Dr. Mićić is a very charismatic speaker and knows how to captivate his audience. Diehl
  • High score! I’d give 10.0 points for expression and authenticity — he just had that certain something or that exceptional charisma you are looking for in a speaker. The energy in the room was focused yet relaxed. The speech resonated with the audience. Participant Ostseekongress
  • His dynamic charisma and his analytic and visionary personality made the opening speech a great pleasure. Sven Lehmann
  • Well-known among top managers and chief strategists, Pero Mićić is one of the most important contemporary experts of future management. Merck
  • This was truly something very special! I have heard many talks by high-caliber speakers, but Pero Mićić stands out. First class! Edgar Jehnes, BVMW
  • Excellent! A class of its own! SVIT-Forum
  • Really impressive and extremely exciting. Very fascinating with regards to content and presentation. European Business School
  • He has touched a nerve and reached the souls of our guests. This has been confirmed repeatedly. Dr. Mićić has been the highlight of the event! Dieter Klenk, Getränke-Impuls
  • He does not only offer theoretical and methodical explanations but provides practical tips for successful future projects. Die Welt
  • Pero Mićić has the most holistic view and knowledge on future related topics of anyone I met during my research. Delia Dumitrescu
  • With a lot of humor, Pero Mićić shows his audience the way to the future. Südkurier
  • A virtuoso speaker, he was the intellectual highlight of the convention. Cursor

Why choose Dr. Mićić as your keynote speaker?

Competence and experience

  • There are many futurists and trend researches, but there is only one genuine future manager
  • Dr. Mićić is the pioneer and leading expert in future-management and has been an entrepreneur all of is life
  • Dr. Mićić speaks the language of real business, having led hundreds of projects with the leaders of top companies
  • 20 excellent employees and a comprehensive database provide grounded analysis and content
  • Dr. Mićić wrote seven books about his work with renowned publishers and won international awards

Excellent performance and rhetoric

  • Dr. Mićić is consistently described as a charismatic person with impressive presentation, rhetoric and voice
  • Dr. Mićić speaks with 25 years of experience and more than 1000 speeches on four continents
  • Best credentials by prominent companies and numerous enthusiastic participants
  • Your guests receive comprehensive material on the subject of the keynote
  • Working with Dr. Mićić and his team is professional, carefree and always fun

Customized and stirring content

  • Following a thorough interview, your keynote will be exactly tailored to your event and audience
  • You can select and combine the titles and the contents for your keynote at your own discretion
  • You can define your own topic and even, upon mutual agreement, have Dr. Mićić prepare a specific keynote for you
  • The speeches are based one onto the other, but you can start with any of them
  • Dr. Mićić is not just a speaker but also a superior and entertaining facilitator and moderator

Speech, Talkshop, Facilitation?

Future markets and future management are recurring topics in the Pero Mićić’s work. Context and format, however, may vary:


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