Nassauische Heimstätte


  • The future threat potential for the Nassauische Heimstätte / Wohnstadt business is becoming more acute.
  • A common awareness of problems and risks is developed.
  • The awareness for the necessity of permanent further development becomes clear.
  • First strategic opportunities to secure and improve the competitive position are developed.
  • Impulses for the strategy and innovation processes become noticeable.

Client Evaluation

“That was an unusually interesting day! Thank you for the professional support and the impulses in the working groups.
It was exciting and fun – now it’s much clearer for us what we can do. We have gained the insight that we have to be and remain changeable. I’m glad we did that.”

(Dr. Thomas Hain, Managing Director of Unternehmensgruppe Nassauische Heimstätte / Wohnstadt)