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New markets and jobs: Wind power, but differently

Die Schifffahrt belastet die Atmosphäre massiv. Doch es gibt eine konkrete Lösung für das Umweltproblem: Windkraft, aber anders.

Six strategies for success in the next era of mobility

Six strategies for success in the next era of mobility

Electromobility and autonomous driving will come. I remember well that even in leading automotive companies this statement was fundamentally questioned just a few years ago. Today, this statement is a common industry assumption. The disagreement in leadership teams remains only about the speed of change and the urgency of action.

Challenge your assumptions: Wie wird die Zukunft der Mobilität WIRKLICH aussehen?

Challenge your assumptions: How will the future of mobility REALLY look like?

There are many forecasts and scenarios for the future of mobility. On which can you really build your vision and strategy as an entrepreneur or manager? How will we really be mobile in the future?