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Here you will find current publications by our experts on future management, forward-looking leadership, the impact of a motivating vision and a robust strategy for the future.

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Das ist die wichtigste Qualifikation für die Zukunft

The most important qualification for the future

Qualification of the future: If intelligent machines can do more and more, what is the most important ability and characteristic of humans?

Tesla Model S Supercharger

Electric Cars – Really the Future?

Will electric cars really dominate? Are they really the future? If you want to have a competent voice on these questions, this is the article for you. I'll give you all the key arguments. And at the end, I'll tell you what I think about this.

Logic Learning

What you need to learn for your future!

When everything changes so quickly, what do you and your children and grandchildren need to learn and study today to be prepared for the future?

Skills of the Future

One characteristic of the 2020s will be that artificial intelligence (AI) and robot systems will progressively shape our professional and private lives. AI will become ubiquitous in companies, so that sound and competitive management is no longer conceivable without it.