With the Eltville model you solve the complexity problem in future thinking

Eltville model

Many practitioners avoid discussions about the future because they so often end in fog and chaos. The core problem is that you rarely have clear and precise language for the future. This creates troublesome and dangerous future confusion.

Therefore, methods and tools are also often used in the wrong place and applied incorrectly.
This is why alignments, visions and strategies are often so imprecise and inconsistent.

Use the Eltville Model, a consistent semantic conceptual model that we have developed since 1991 in practical work with executives and in phenomenological scientific work.

The Eltville Model allows you and us to analyze the future of your market and make your direction, vision and strategy very precise, consistent and effective. The Eltville model has proven itself in hundreds of projects and in countless companies and organizations, including governments.

The "Eltville Model" for quality and effectiveness of your future strategy

With the "five glasses of the future" you start with the human motives and perspectives for the future

The Eltville model is based on the five basic human motives for foresight, the five “future glasses”. They serve the motives and longings in matters of the future that are deeply rooted in the human psyche.

This is what makes the Eltville model so easy to understand, despite the necessary complexity. That’s also what makes it so connectable for your managers and employees. Even investors are excited because of the solidity of the strategies developed with it.

The sound and precise definitions of the five types of future and the associated outcomes and processes make it easier for you to manage your future professionally.

With the process and results model you make your alignment, vision and strategy precise and consistent

The process model describes all the insight processes required in your company for developing, testing and updating your future strategy. You can vary the order of the steps in many ways. The process model is method-neutral. In principle, it allows the use of any effective method.

The result model is a consistent semantic conceptual network. It provides clear and proven structure for your future strategy. It ensures that your direction, vision and strategy are coherently linked to underlying trends, scenarios and assumptions. And it guarantees that your strategy is even networked with daily tasks. Incidentally, the results model is also the basis for the FMG FutureNet data model.

Benefits of the
Eltville model

  1. They have it easy: they build on the five motifs for looking to the future that are familiar to everyone
  2. You see the future more completely and clearly because you take in all relevant perspectives
  3. You think and communicate more precisely and effectively about the future and avoid misunderstandings
  4. You can assess the statements about the future in the media and from futurologists much more easily
  5. You have a clear structure for your future strategy

  6. You have a clear and thousandfold proven structure for your future projects and workshops
  7. You can better assess the suitability of methods and tools and use them in a more targeted manner

Create future orientation - develop future strategy - make future strategy effective

To ensure that all FMG’s work results are consistent and from a single source, we use the Eltville Model. The different colors correspond to the “Five Future Glasses”.

The first phase “Creating Future Orientation” forms the robust foundation of your future strategy. You get a clear picture of the likely and possible changes in your market.
This is how you recognize and understand the threats and opportunities of the future.

The second phase “Develop future strategy” leads to a clear, unifying, unique and future-robust mission for you. You crown your future strategy with a motivating and credible vision.

The third phase, “Making the future strategy effective,” ensures that your managers effectively communicate the future strategy to their employees and that it reaches the minds, hearts and hands of your employees and is consistently implemented in day-to-day business.

Lead with vision

Together we see and build the future of your business!