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Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić The future manager

What is special about the FMG?
FutureManagementGroup AG
  • The Map of the Future is in itself a presentation for a broad target group.
  • However, it is also part of the other lectures in parts.
  • The presentation topics are structured according to target groups.
  • In conversation with Dr. Mićić, you will set your individual focus for your audience in terms of content and structure of the presentation.

The Presentations in detail

What is special about the FMG?


The map of the future
(Basic Lecture)


  • How trends and technologies change the economy and society and bring new opportunities
  • Future Radar 2030/2040



  • The trend system behind the strategies of leading companies.
  • Here’s how these trends and technologies will change your life, your job and your business.
  • Benefit from artificial intelligence, robotics & co., personally, professionally and in business.
  • Become future-competent. This is a simple and easy way to keep an eye on the trends.


Bright Future Business


  • This is how you make your company future-proof.
  • What will you live on tomorrow?

TARGET GROUP: Entrepreneurs and top executives


  • Eight characteristics of a company with a bright future.
  • How to achieve the most important goals: Success, security, joy.
  • This way, you benefit from trends and technologies of the future.
  • This is how you secure yourself against disruptive attacks.
  • This is how you make your offer unique and unrivaled.
  • In this way, you make your company many times more valuable.


How to lead your team into the future


  • Lead your team to a bright future
  • You cannot lead without a picture of the future



  • How to develop a meaningful mission and motivating vision for yourself and your company.
  • This is how you shape a corporate culture that is fit for the future.
  • This is how you win over your employees for your future strategy.
  • What can cause the implementation of your strategy and renewal to fail and how you can still succeed.


How to get fit for the working world of the future


  • How to become more successful in the working world of the future
  • Get out of the short-term trap! Shape your future today!




  • These are the successful industries and companies of the future. Is yours included?
  • This is what you need to learn and be able to do to be a sought-after expert (f/m/d) in the future.
  • You have to forget that and let it go to be fit for the future.
  • This is how you provide for your old age without saving more.


Therefore, we will live better in the future than ever before


  • In this way, our quality of life will continue to increase.
  • The only thing that will keep growing is the quality of life for all people.



  • How much fear of the future is justified?
  • These are the intelligent solutions to people’s big problems and desires.
  • Your best advice to your friends and children.
  • This is what we can learn from history for the future.
  • Therefore, you can be confident about the future.

Greatest competence and experience

Dr. Mićić is the pioneer and a leading expert in future management with world-renowned clients and award-winning books.

Excellent rhetoric and impact

Attendees report charismatic personality, impressive presentation, and sharp humor.

Customized lectures and additional services

Each presentation is designed exactly for your occasion and audience after an in-depth discussion. Each presentation is unique.

Fascinating futures – realistic strategies

Dr. Mićić has been an entrepreneur from a young age and has himself been successfully investing in forward-looking trends, technologies and companies for decades.

Well-founded and at the same time understandable

Prof. Dr. Mićić draws on his 20 staff members and extensive databases to present sound content in a very understandable way.

Simple pleasant cooperation

The cooperation with Dr. Mićić and his team is professional, sure of success and consistently worry-free for you.

From participants

What is special about the FMG?

After all, you have a great gift for explaining things in an easy and understandable way.

This was a highlight! Pero Micic is a real top speaker!

The lecture kept our people busy for a long time.

Everyone was very impressed by the way he lectured freely and spoke in a captivating manner. His presentation has provided insights and valuable information that will enrich the work of entrepreneurs in the future.

Excellent, extra class!

Really impressive and insanely exciting. Extremely fascinating in terms of content and presentation.

Pero Mićić shows his listeners the way to the future with a lot of humor.

Mićić says which companies and which managers will be ahead in ten years.

Dr. Mićić is a very charismatic speaker and knows how to captivate the audience.

Top managers and chief strategists from the business world have long been familiar with his name. Pero Mićić is considered one of the significant contemporary experts when it comes to future management.

He hit the nerve and soul of our guests. Dr. Mićić was the highlight of the event.

A virtuoso speaker and intellectual highlight of the conference.

Really successful, future competence with brain and heart.

Pero Mićić is simply an inspiring boon!

Top mark, a 10.0 from me, for expression and authenticity - that 'certain something' or the much-vaunted charisma. There was a very focused and fully relaxed energy in the room. I felt a strong resonance.

Not only theoretical and methodical explanations are provided, but also field-tested tips for successful future projects.

Sensational spech by Pero Mićić! As always: clear. well-founded. inspirational!"

Outstanding performance! And with every word, Pero Micic confirms, "Voice has power!"

We have never been so excited by a lecture.

That was really something special! I have already heard many lectures from top-class speakers. But Pero Mićić stands out. Great class!

His dynamic charisma and analytical, visionary manner made the opening lecture on 'The Future Manager' a real treat.

Of all those I have met during my research, Pero Mićić has the most holistic view of future issues and the greatest knowledge.

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What is special about the FMG?

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What is special about the FMG?

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What is special about the FMG?