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What is special about the FMG?
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We work for the leaders of large market leaders as well as smaller companies

Success Stories

What is special about the FMG?

“I should have done this much earlier in my entrepreneurial life.”

(Max Schaber, DATAGROUP SE)

"FMG's methodical approach has resulted in a clear picture of assumptions across divisions that we can use to initiate strategic projects. It was very helpful how the very different ideas were brought together. We will integrate the opportunities into our strategy."

Gebhard Schwarz Managing Director

Liebherr Components


  • Sound and shared future assumptions about the electrification of construction equipment.
  • Possible surprises as a result of electrification.
  • Prioritized list of future opportunities
  • Clear strategic guidelines to take advantage of the expected changes for the construction machinery of the future and for more flexibility to prepare for unclear developments.

"The impact of this project is immense! We shined a light on our strategy and set the course for the future."

Norbert Heckmann Spokesman of the Management Board

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG


  • clarity about what could threaten WÜRTH's core business.
  • Shared problem awareness about vulnerabilities of WÜRTH.
  • Increased certainty for strategic decisions.
  • Clarity on strategic opportunities WÜRTH to secure core business.
  • Motivation to look for strategic opportunities even beyond the usual "thinking paths" and from an unusual perspective.

"FMG has fully delivered the promised results. We appreciated the structured approach and the well-founded contributions. The FMG team was able to pick up both the Kautex core team and the Kautex leadership team in terms of content at all times and lead them to good, joint results."

Jörg Rautenstrauch President & CEO



Develop a clear, long-term strategic vision and direction for the company.

  • Expectation scenario, as well as several alternative and surprise scenarios
  • Opportunity alignment candidates for the company
  • Clear strategic vision with unambiguous strategic targets until 2025
  • Derived strategic projects and programs
  • Effective communication strategy

"We are very satisfied with the strategy process and the result, both in terms of content and emotion. Both have an extremely positive resonance among our executives. When FMG presented us with the vision and strategy on the last day of the project, it sent a shiver down all our spines."

Max H.-H. Schaber & Dirk Peters CEO & COO

Datagroup AG


  • Recognizing and exploiting opportunities in the future market of IT services
  • Development of a concrete, fascinating and common image of the future of DATAGROUP
  • Developing a strategy for the future
  • Unanimity in the assessment of future developments and in the strategic orientation

"As a result of the project with FMG, we have a common picture of our assumptions for the future and of key future developments that are relevant to us. This has further strengthened the basis of our strategic management. The project has produced precisely the results we need for our strategy for the future."

Uwe Glock Managing Director

Bosch Thermotechnology GmbH


  • Develop a future map with specific future factors for building heating technology.
  • Develop a clear, separable and validated expected scenario and contingency scenarios to develop the key determinants of future building heating technology solutions.

"We are pleased with the outcome of the process as it led us as a heterogeneous management team to a commonly accepted vision."

Clemens Maier Member of the Board

Ravensburger AG


The development of a vision for Ravensburger AG in the three central business areas of toys, books and digital products for the year 2020.

The FMG supervisory board

"The Exercice for the company was good and important especially to take the relevant participants to a new level of thinking and thinking bigger / further."

Gert Hansen CTO of the group of companies



  • The future strategy is intended to give our employees and the Group companies an overarching sense of purpose for their actions.
  • We have succeeded in identifying and tackling new, forward-looking areas of opportunity.
  • The new strategy helps us to dovetail the business areas.
  • The future strategy is developing such charisma that we are attractive to talented employees who really want to make a difference.


"I didn't expect us to think through so much across the board." "Core team work was very good, clear facilitation, clear goal setting, clear thread." "It's very good to be so open in your self-criticism. I respect and credit that. That's very unusual for consultants."

Wolfgang Süßle Chairman of the Board

Lohmann & Rauscher


  • Scenarios on the "operating room of the future" for the year 2030 in Europe were developed for the 'Set Systems & Hygiene' business unit.
  • Based on the scenarios, a variety of opportunities were developed that are relevant to the business unit. Opportunities were evaluated and opportunity areas were merged.
  • Four areas of opportunity were identified in which L&R would like to be active with innovations in the future.

Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

"Without working with you, we wouldn't be where we are today: It has focused tremendous energy. We are extremely satisfied with the results almost two years later."

Large regional bank


  • Clarity on future key and bottleneck skills.
  • Clarity about success-critical requirements for future employees
  • Concrete picture of what makes it attractive as a forward-looking employer
  • Concrete picture of the strategic development and acquisition of future top performers

FutureManagementGroup AG

"FMG helped us create a picture of the future with solid scenarios and strategic direction that is future-proof and motivating for all employees in the new business unit."

Marina Bartetzko-Meyer Management

Mail International


  • Holistic and shared understanding of the market's likely future
  • A strategic alignment of the management team from the former organizational units Post Logistics International and Asendia Switzerland.
  • Shared, clear vision of the future of the new International Mail & Parcels business unit

Our culture: Feel good at FMG

"Through the assumption analysis of our updated strategy, we feel we are well positioned and can fully focus on implementing it."

Bruno Cathomen CEO

Mikron Group


  • The aim of the project was to review the updated corporate strategy to determine whether the underlying assumptions about the future are valid and stand up to scrutiny by FMG.

Our culture: Fun in Excellence - FutureManagementGroup AG

"Their systematic approach helped us a lot to develop a clear picture and a roadmap for the future. I asked the team: Everyone would like to continue working with you. "

Jens Rottmair Spokesman of the Board of Management

Kässbohrer all terrain vehicles


  • Create solid and shared assumptions about the future among the leadership team as the basis of the business and strategy.
  • A clear picture of the future, how the next era of Kässbohrer should look like and how we will become more independent from snow.
  • Implementation roadmaps with clear priorities, goals, actions, and responsibilities.

What is special about the FMG?

"Putting ourselves in the shoes of our competitors has helped us identify previously unexpected attacks and develop effective countermeasures. FMG has guided us through a process that has unlocked new and disruptive life science solutions for our markets.""

Dr. Holger Warth CTO Hoya Vision Care

HOYA Vision Care


  • Hoya Vision Care wants to be safer and less surprised.
  • Hoya Vision Care aims to identify and seize opportunities for next-generation innovation.
  • Hoya Vision Care wants a foundation to make its vision and strategy more robust against disruption and competitive attack.

"With the help of FMG's holistic Eltville model and their professional advice, we've been able to produce results that allow us to look at a short- and medium-term horizon and make ourselves robust for long-term success."

Dr. Volker Rehrmann Managing Director

Tomra Sorting Solutions


  • A clear and sound understanding of the likely and potential changes in the market environment.

The FMG supervisory board

"It was an intense and exciting time that helped us a lot. I feel really well prepared and positioned now."

Frédéric Gabriel Chief Strategy Officer



  • Certainty that we have identified all fundamentally sensible growth areas.
  • Clarity about which key trends and technologies speak for or against the individual thrust directions for Haselmeier.
  • A strategic thrust for the coming years jointly supported by the management.
  • Verify, confirm and specify the existing basic framework of the company.

The most experienced future managers in Europe

"FMG doesn't play the future, it lives it. As a result, the project with FMG has increased internal collaboration and brought a new drive to long-discussed issues."

Dr. Ralf Koch Vice President Research and Development

Vacuum melting (VAC)


  • Fields of application for new materials were sought for two business areas.

"We handle the majority of our projects with internal resources and only use external consultants in special cases. FMG, however, is not a 'typical' consultant, but extremely solution-oriented. The methodology and the quality of the results were excellent and positively surprised us."

Rainer Buchmann Managing Director

SSI Shepherd


  • Validate alignment and strategy based on systematic future analysis
  • Create a solid foundation for strategic decisions with this future analysis
  • Creating a common understanding of the future and for the future Sharpening a common image for the future

"It is impressive how masterfully FMG has navigated through the strategy maze and guided us unerringly to the result. I am very satisfied with the results. The vision is a motivational boost for employees. When we achieve that, we'll be in a fascinating world."

René Fässler Chief Executive Officer



Greater clarity on the potential drivers of change and the resulting opportunities and needs for action.

  • Clarity and orientation about the positioning, mission and business model of the Selmoni Group in the future
  • Security and confidence that the right path has been taken
  • Agreement on the right and necessary action to implement the strategy and in day-to-day business

The most experienced future managers in Europe

"It was impressive to witness how the view of us and our competitive environment changes as a result of the change in perspective. The project was fun and broadened our assessment to future developments."

Andreas Enslin Head of Design Center

Miele & Cie. KG


  • Short portraits of real and imaginary competitors
  • A wealth of potential competitive attacks and their impact on Miele & Cie. KG
  • Clear idea of possible future competitor activities and an assessment of the dynamics to be expected
  • Contribution to securing and expanding the competitive position in the laundry care business area

"No one can see into the future, but we have to think about it in a structured way, and we have been able to do that with FMG in a very pragmatic and purposeful way. We now have a clear orientation on relevant future developments and a basis for decision-making on strategy."

Rudolf Edelmann, Oswald Heizenreder Managing Director

Nuremberg Assembly


  • More clarity about the future of construction technologies relevant to us
  • Solid, comprehensible and accepted basis for strategy decisions
  • Overview and orientation in the diversity of future developments
  • Transparency of the impact on the business success of construction companies
  • Concrete options for action

"A convincing methodology and the excellent moderation of the workshops led to a very good result in a very short time. We are sure that we have not overlooked any relevant trends. We look forward to FutureManagementGroup's continued support."

Eckart Strangfeld Head of Market Research

Mainova AG


The potentially relevant trends, topics and technologies of the future were identified as the foundation of a scenario analysis as well as the impetus for the strategy.

  • Identification and evaluation of relevant trends for the upcoming scenario analysis and strategy work
  • Enthusiasm of the future team for systematic and creative work on the long-term future of Mainova AG

FutureManagementGroup AG

"In a compact and structured format, FMG succeeded in an impressive way in providing the management group with food for thought for strategy developments."

Steffen Szeidl Board member

Drees & Sommer


Provide answers with a keynote and compact wargame:

  • Which trends and technologies are relevant for the construction and operation of real estate in the future?
  • What do leadership teams need for a successful future?
  • What future disruptions are business models facing and what will competition look like in the future?
  • How do you create future orientation internally that you represent externally?

"We had respect at the beginning for the future trends that were coming our way. Now we have a sophisticated future-robust vision that builds on our strengths. We were pleasantly surprised at how we arrived at a robust picture of the future so painlessly in such a diverse group."

Brigitte Dworak Chairman of the Board

B&O Service and Measurement AG


  • Clarity about the future of the markets relevant to B&O Service und Messtechnik AG.
  • Clear anchor points for solid development of future strategy.
  • Clarity about the potential drivers of change and the resulting need for action.
  • Clear positioning and mission and a future-proof business model.

"The BRZ's national companies are very different and we were curious to see whether we would succeed in arriving at a common vision of the future. FMG succeeded in this in an impressive manner through a clear and goal-oriented structure and convincing moderation. The project has been instrumental in moving us forward."

Oswald Heizenreder Managing Director

BRZ Group


The aim of the project was to determine the strategic direction of the international BRZ Group up to the year 2025.

"Even under challenging conditions with three companies operating at the same time, FMG has succeeded in achieving a viable, forward-looking result. A great deal of clarity has been provided. Key questions have been answered for the group that were previously unclear."

Dr. Christoph Schmucker, Oliver Geer, Klaus Facklam, BRUNATA-METRONA



  • Input for strategy work supported by the Group's management team
  • Clear anchor points for the solid development of the future strategy
  • Clarity about the possible drivers of change and the resulting opportunities/needs for action.
  • Security and confidence that the right path has been taken
  • Agreement on the right and necessary action to implement the strategy and in day-to-day business
What is special about the FMG?

"Sitting in your competitor's chair and working to attack your own business model is a strange feeling. But it's absolutely surprising what new perspectives this opens up."

Jürgen Dawo managing partner

Town & Country House


  • The joint strategy of the franchise headquarters and partners is to be developed and updated.
  • To this end, a wargame is to be used to focus on clear threats and opportunities and to create an understanding of the need for future-robust strategy work.
  • Town & Country wants to develop a foundation to make the vision and strategy more robust against disruption and competitive attack.

"With FutureManagementGroup, we were able to take a solid look at the changes ahead. The mission statement gives us a clear picture of where we want to go, and the strategy shows us the way to get there.""

Ulrich Hurni Member of the Group Executive Board, Head of PostMail

The post office


  • Determination of the long-term mission for PostMail with a concrete target picture
  • Solid assumptions for the future in a rapidly changing market
  • Development of the strategic fields of action and measures to achieve the vision
  • Development, evaluation and selection of potential complementary business areas
  • Analysis and strategy development for the new business areas as well as the core business

"We were pleasantly surprised that from a very broad, detailed collection of frameworks, trends and technologies, a clear prioritization on a few crucial Strategic Actions was possible in the end!"

Nestlé Future Team

Nestlé Germany S.A.


  • Overview of possible shifts in the market for food suppliers
  • Development of concrete strategic recommendations for action
  • Development and implementation of a scenario and future management system

"Finally, we can support the monitoring of competitive activities with an automated tool. We now have the activities of our competitors available on a daily basis in an interactive interface.""

Leading company from the reinsurance industry


  • Orientation about global activities of competitors
  • Anchoring competitive intelligence in an intuitive interface
  • Allocation of competition activities to defined topics

"This was an unusually interesting process Thank you for the professional guidance and impulses. It was exciting and fun. Now it is much clearer for us what we can do. Now I'm looking forward to implementing it! I'm glad we did this.""

Dr. Thomas Hain Chief executive officer

Nassauische Heimstätte / Wohnstadt Group of Companies


  • The potential threat to the business of Nassauische Heimstätte / Wohnstadt is becoming more acute.
  • A shared awareness of problems and risks is developed.
  • The awareness of the need for permanent further development becomes clear.
  • Strategic opportunities to secure and improve the competitive position are developed.
  • Impulses for the strategy and innovation processes are included.

"In a rousing way, we recognized a wealth of approaches to competitive strategies that are valuable and new to us. We took the opportunity to raise our management's awareness of future developments in the competitive environment through a professional wargame. "

Andreas Göppel Board member



  • Raise shared awareness across the leadership team of where and in what ways the organization may be vulnerable
  • Clarity about what strategic opportunities the company has to secure and improve its competitive position
  • Greater certainty in strategic decisions and confidence that strategy is robust against key competitor actions

"Finally, we can support the monitoring of competitive activities with an automated tool. We now have the activities of our competitors available on a daily basis in an interactive interface.""

Anselm Eggert VP Project SCORE

Lufthansa Cargo


  • Clarity about current and future conceivable innovations in the field of "e-platforms in logistics".
  • Security not to miss any significant developments
  • Better understand the impact of new player entry
  • Create a starting point for the development of strategies and measures for dealing with e-platforms
What is special about the FMG?

"Every year we are blown away again by how Dr. Micic manages to purposefully focus the discussion on the essentials. It's great to see him facilitate an event and a set of highly engaged and motivated entrepreneurs in a way that produces tangible results."

Gabriele & Jürgen Dawo managing partners



  • The aim is to create clarity and unity on the strategic direction.
  • The joint strategy of the franchise headquarters and the partners should be worked out and become.
  • A trend and scenario analysis of the future market environment is intended to provide a basis for well-founded future assumptions and potential surprises.
  • Systematic opportunity development is designed to ensure that all opportunities to secure and expand the market position are exploited.

"We have been working successfully with FMG for several years now. The collaboration has brought us years forward in our strategy work."

Astrid Grüter Head of Marketing & Communication

engie Cofely Germany


Development of a future strategy until 2018, derivation and implementation of strategic programs as well as identification and utilization of opportunities in the future market "energy efficiency services" for Cofely Germany.

"The scenarios developed have shown us the areas in which we need to strengthen our activities. The importance of some trends has become clearer to us and in this regard we will supplement some of our strategies."

J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff Managing Partner & COO

KIRCHHOFF Automotive GmbH


Evaluate and adjust current corporate strategy based on a shared, clear and solid understanding of likely and potential changes in the market environment

"Our business has developed extremely well over many years. The future strategies developed with FMG were essential for this. The superior methodology and project management were a perfect match for our culture as a large family-owned company. This is also the reason for FMG's high level of acceptance among all employees. And it was fun."

Günter Rotering Head of Gases Division

Westphalia AG


Development and updating of future strategies in the three business areas over almost twenty years of good cooperation.

"The methodical approach, the active moderation and the follow-up of the strategy finding process were very result-oriented and thus enriching and motivating even for a "consulting-resistant" medium-sized company - a series of successful workshop days."

Dr. Axel Bruder Board member

Renolit SE


Development of an innovative and solid strategy for the future

"Our management team has benefited greatly from the compelling methodology. The software-supported and mathematically based decision-making process has given us helped a lot. Working with FMG has made an important contribution to securing the company's future."

Alfred Hugentobler Head of Print Media PostMail

Swiss Post CH Ltd


Opportunity development and assessment for new and existing business areas in the media market.

"The way you facilitated the process, from everything I've seen over the many years, you're right up there. We have an excellent partner in FMG who remains methodologically rigorous and has a special way of managing the process."

Thomas Radke CEO

Leifheit AG


A shared understanding of a long-term corporate vision based on a concrete and fascinating picture of the future of Leifheit AG 2020.

Our culture: Fun in Excellence - FutureManagementGroup AG

"The Future Radar motivated our management team to think about previously unrecognized future developments. The results led us to initiate concrete activities immediately after the workshop. The result exceeded our expectations and we will continue to work with FMG."

Jörg-Uwe Goldbeck Gf. Shareholder

Goldbeck GmbH


  • Identification of potentially relevant trends, topics and technologies of the future with a broad perspective as an impetus for effective and systematic future management.
  • Recognize how these factors can be actively leveraged as opportunities in future markets and to improve market position.
  • Enthusiasm of the team to work systematically as well as creatively on the long-term future of the company.

"Looking into the future has opened up many new perspectives for us. We have clearly defined how we want to tackle the potential we have identified."

Peter Metzger Director Business Development & Marketing

ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG


  • Certainty of having comprehensively identified the market opportunities
  • Development of clearly prioritized opportunities with recommended action and justification
  • Orientation on the spectrum of the most promising opportunities with corresponding short portraits

"With FMG, we have worked out a large number of new future opportunities and developed a fascinating new strategy from them. It gives us orientation and clearly shows us the potential in our business. We are much more focused and think beyond boundaries. This is now firmly in place."

Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke Chairman of the Board

WAREMA Renkhoff SE


WAREMA's strategic vision was to be further specified and concretized, enriched with innovations and made easier to communicate.

"The Eltville Model is the most effective strategy method in our company so far. We emerged from a strategic impasse and decided on definitive next steps. The solid structuring and excellent guidance through the process proved particularly valuable."

Dr. Hartmut Wöhler Marketing and sales manager

Continental AG


  • Identify and analyze key trends and technologies across countries
  • Develop a common strategic vision for the European group of companies based on a qualified assessment of future developments

"FMG guided us through a clearly structured insight process that led to the strategic alignment of our Central Regulation business unit. The methodology and the pragmatic approach have convinced us very much to have chosen the right partner for this."

Dr. Oliver Recklies Chief Representative

DZB Bank


The strategic orientation of DZB BANK's "Central Settlement" business area

Our culture: Fun in Excellence - FutureManagementGroup AG

"Through our future project, we have taken into account future developments beyond what is immediately relevant. The future assumptions shared by the management team are a valuable basis for making our strategic decisions more soundly."

Heiko Trimpel Head of Strategic Marketing

German Amphibolin Works by Robert Murjahn


Solidification of the DAW building envelope strategy

"FMG is a highly skilled team, adaptable to client needs, works lean in its projects, and prepares results well."

Henning Franke Head of Digital Transformation Roche Diagnostics GmbH



Solidifying the digitization strategy of the sites

Our culture: Feel good at FMG

"The FMG team understands how to reach a result pragmatically and efficiently, even with difficult questions and critical groups. The collaboration is challenging and fascinating. The opportunity portfolio takes us decisive steps forward."

Hedi Ehlen Management

Prym Consumer Europe GmbH


  • Development of future opportunities to improve existing business areas
  • Formulation of a strategy for the development of a new business field

"FMG used a compelling methodology to identify business models in future markets. In addition to the outstanding facilitation, we were convinced by the meta-opportunities and business model opportunities FMG brought to the table."

Marcus Getta Head of Innovation Management

Thüga AG


The identification and elaboration of concrete opportunities in the future market SmartHome with a time horizon of three years, giving Thüga's partner municipal utilities a successful entry into the "smart home, smart meter, etc." business field.

What is special about the FMG?

"FMG's valuable system ensures a very good result in a very short time."

Dr. Georg Oenbrink Senior Vice President Innovation Management

Evonik Industries AG


  • Identification of strategic search fields and new business potentials for several business units
  • Laying the foundation for further profitable growth by identifying new business areas and future markets
Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

"Using convincing methodology to think beyond day-to-day business and develop promising business concepts for the future gave us many aha effects. We were surprised by the stimulating inputs and the huge number of opportunities. Very valuable was the very good methodology and the insight process into concrete projects."

Thomas Lothar Hensel

Huber Group


  • The aim was to identify new markets from which MHM can and wants to make a living in the medium term, and to evaluate them according to their potential.
  • The future markets should be in the established business areas and already identified topics should be taken into account.
Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

"We were impressed by the amount of future opportunities and the potential of the future market rough concepts developed. We very much liked the personal, reserved style of the FMG team. There were no 'know-it-alls' coming, but professional future managers."

Frank A. Bergner Managing Director Shareholder

Richard Bergner Holding


  • Determine long-term growth directions for RIBE Holding and identify synergistic future markets
  • What could the long-term growth development of RIBE Holding GmbH 2015-2020 look like?
  • What new products and services can we offer the market of tomorrow?
  • Another aspect: How can we use the potential of overlapping competences in RIBE Holding GmbH for this purpose?

"Many valuable opportunities came up on the agenda that otherwise would not have come up and been accepted until later, if at all."

Peter Markowsky

iwis motorsysteme gmbh & co. kg


Identify attractive future markets, both in the traditional business field and in adjacent and distant business fields

"FutureManagementGroup's structured and methodically thought-out approach and goal-oriented facilitation of the workshops impressively led a team of internal experts to a good project result."

Dr. Bernhard Klofat CEO

Schoeller Technocell


  • Recognize, understand, and evaluate the influences of environmental changes.
  • Gain orientation about potential opportunities in future markets that can be developed in the medium term
  • Argumentation security through extensive transparent discussion and evaluation of opportunities
  • Concretization of top opportunities and clarity about the further procedure

"We can be pretty sure we didn't miss any relevant technology. What was good was the methodology, which was conveyed in a structured and comprehensible way. The project with FutureManagementGroup was a lot of fun for us. We learned new things!"

Dr. Jörg Böcking Chief Technology Officer

Freudenberg SE


Identify technologies with explosive power and develop future market target images from them

"With FMG, we have taken a new path for Europa-Park in recognizing business ideas. This first attempt has been a complete success. We will continue to work with FMG in the future."

Michael Mack Management

Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG


  • A panorama of potentially relevant trends, topics and technologies of the future
  • A large number of identified opportunities in future markets for Europa-Park
  • Transparent arguments for and against the realization of opportunities
  • Portraits of the most attractive opportunities, through which the essence of the idea is described in such a way that it is possible to decide on projects for realization

"Under FMG's leadership, we have succeeded in developing and agreeing on our strategically relevant assumptions in the management team through a very concrete systematic approach. The FMG gentlemen succeeded very well in guiding us again and again to the important issues."

Rolf Schmid CEO

Mammut Sports Group AG


  • Development of an expectation scenario as a basis for the "Mammut 2020" vision
  • Recognition of strategically relevant trends and technologies of the future
Our culture: Fun in Excellence - FutureManagementGroup AG

"The strategic direction developed with FMG gives us a clear perspective for our future priorities. The project methodology was both well-founded and pragmatic."

Sven Oelert Managing Director



  • Updating the strategy's scenarios and assumptions to make them more solid and better anchored in the minds of the management team.
  • Development of a strong and future-oriented mission, positioning and vision for the Group and for the three divisions: Couplings, Drivetech and Lokring.
  • Definition of the strategic initiatives required to achieve Vision 2030.
  • Setting clear priorities and responsibilities to accelerate implementation.
  • Development of a clear growth path in a challenging environment.

"The wargame gave us a better understanding of the market and competitive dynamics. We were able to derive concrete measures for positioning."

Dr. Gregor Schlechtriem Division Manager Building Security

Bosch Security Systems Ltd.


  • Become the No. 1 in the market
  • Be prepared for surprising moves from the competition in the future
  • Early identification of opportunities
  • Incorporation of the newly gained knowledge into the competitive and corporate strategy

"With the scenarios, the fight against the growing crime field of cybercrime could be substantiated and - despite the high complexity of the topic - the most effective design options could be identified. The problem awareness for future developments in cybercrime was sharpened. Solutions were pointed out for a long-term combat strategy."

Jörg Ziercke President Federal Criminal Police Office

Federal Criminal Police Office


Develop cybercrime scenarios and strategic courses of action based on them.

Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

"Through the Eltville model, we have become familiar with a holistic and resilient method that goes far beyond goes beyond what mainstream approaches offer. The Eltville model has enabled us to develop our strategic approach and in particular to broaden our view of strategic opportunities."

Johannes Müller CEO



  • Updating the strategy's scenarios and assumptions to make them more solid and better anchored in the minds of the management team.
  • Development of a strong and future-oriented mission, positioning and vision for the Group and for the three divisions: Couplings, Drivetech and Lokring.
  • Definition of the strategic initiatives required to achieve Vision 2030.
  • Setting clear priorities and responsibilities to accelerate implementation.
  • Development of a clear growth path in a challenging environment.
Our culture: Feel good at FMG

"During the collaboration, FMG impressed us with its structured approach. The chosen methodology makes it possible to transform complex issues into action-oriented solutions and thus develop a clear picture of the future."

Dragica Mischler Chief Executive Officer



  • Comparing the internal picture of the future with the Management Board's assumptions for the future
  • Making the internal picture of the future more resilient to potential disruptions and competitor attacks
  • Organize and prioritize existing and new opportunities and bring them together in a Vision 2028
  • Develop mission, positioning and vision for the Group and business areas
  • Update strategy roadmap