FUTURE RADAR: Trends, Technologies and Markets

Seneca already knew 2000 years ago:

“There will be a time when we wonder how it was possible that we didn’t know the obvious.”

Your knowledge and your experiences hail from the past, but you always decide for the future. Therefore: See more, understand more, and hence have more of the future!

You can live quite well without futurists. But you cannot make a single entrepreneurial decision – about personnel, about investments, about retractions – without making assumptions about the future. Every one of your decisions is based on future assumptions.

Nobody can predict the future. But you can improve upon the assumptions and knowledge about the future you hold today.

Trends and technologies drive the change of societies and markets. They determine which business areas and professions decline or even disappear and which ones will grow and emerge. They determine how, and more importantly, what you will live off in the future.

Your future management answers existential questions: What lies ahead? What doesn’t? What might surprise us? How do we become future robust? Which vision do we focus on? What is right and relevant to the future? What do we do about it?

Future knowledge is only useful if it offers benefits in the here and now. Everything else is pure entertainment.

We collect, analyze, and structure the future knowledge of pioneers, revolutionaries, researchers, and developers all over the world. We compare their statements and examine them based on their content and meaning.

We track all major trends and technologies that influence the life and markets of the future. We focus on more than just the universally known mega trends such as urbanization, mobilization, and the shrinking of resources.

In addition to the 50 great global trends, we track about 700 additional trends, technologies, and topics of the future.

The trends that you do not deal with on a daily basis are the ones that might harbor threats and opportunities.

One of the first steps in our collaboration offers an individual roadmap of the trends and technologies that are or will be relevant to you, respectively factors you can make relevant.

Wouldn’t it be useful if you could see all the major trends at a glance? In a meaningfully structured Trend System? So that you feel orientated, so that you stand on safe ground? That way, your job and your business model will be fit for the future, and your decisions will be better!

We provide you with a Trend System that originates from practical experience. We have been developing the future strategies of renowned companies for 30 years. This Trend System is taken from just such projects.

We present the trends like a periodic table of elements. Because these trends are the elements that will make up the future of your business, your job and your life.

We structure the trends into domains. So biosphere, technology, society, politics, economy. We do this mainly because technologies need to be considered separately. They are the fastest and, next to human motives, the strongest forces of change.

The FMG Trend System includes around 50 major trends and technologies at the top level and more than 700 others at the lower levels. You can find more information about the FMG Trend System here: The Trend System for your business!

Trend System

Discuss your thoughts and questions with FMG's experts!

In a video conference via TEAMS or ZOOM or simply by phone, Berthold Müssig will advise you on your considerations and questions. In this way, you can easily find out whether and in what form FUTURE RADAR is useful for you and your company.