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What is special about the FMG?
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What is special about the FMG?

Entrepreneur about our cooperation

What is special about the FMG?

“As entrepreneurs, we always dally too much in the present. I don’t know of any other program that tackles this problem so deeply. I have regularly encountered transformative insights that could change the whole picture in one fell swoop. I had downright moments of happiness during the program.” (Andreas Ogger, Wobi)

“We have never had an external consultancy with whom we have worked so efficiently.” (Jürgen Spier, SPIER)

Success Stories

What is special about the FMG?

"The FMG team actually understood how to form a gripping picture of the future with a volunteer association board over weekly sprints and translate it into practicable action steps. We've been able to successfully put on the glasses of the future and develop a distinctive image of the club by 2030."

Klaus F. Jaenecke Board member



  • Raise existing success factors of the mandate holder support provided by ArMiD to a new forward-looking level and thus be a role model for future governance.
  • Develop a clear picture of the future.

"We have gained a clarity for the future of our company that we never had before."

Dr. Reinhard Lülff gf. Shareholder



  • A systematic focus on a variety of ideas
  • Development of a compass with clear guidelines for day-to-day work
  • Prioritization of a company-wide strategic focus over a project orientation
  • Clarification and communication of the company's sustainable future planning
The FMG supervisory board

"We talked to many vendors in advance, but then we chose Dr. Mićić and FMG rather than the original, which is copied by many."

Ute Turbanisch Executive Board

"The program has broadened my horizons and made many things that were previously out of my reach tangible and attainable."

Serge N'Silu Board of Directors



  • Building a future-proof business using a sound and methodically structured approach.
  • A future strategy developed from within the company with a highly motivated team.

"Without you, we wouldn't be as focused and efficient on the road."

Dr. Rolf Beyer Managing Director



Longstanding cooperation


Development of business area opportunities


Vision development on the basis of a detailed environment analysis through future assumptions


Strategy Implementation


Annual strategy reviews


Fundamental revision of the strategic orientation with intensive involvement of the owners

"FMG effectively supported us in developing a motivating and forward-looking strategic vision in a clearly structured manner and within a short period of time."

Dieter Greiner Managing Director

Eberbach Monastery


  • Future strategy development in 4 steps.
  • In order to better understand future changes in the market environment, a future radar was conducted and potential business models for the future were rudimentarily envisioned.
  • By means of the specific analysis of the Sinus Milieus, the changes with regard to the customer groups were also analyzed.
  • The development of the vision candidates has led to the review and analysis of several potential alignment opportunities for the company.
  • After determining the strategic vision, necessary measures and projects were derived, responsibilities were assigned and a project roadmap was created.

"We have identified a lot of innovative business potential that will help us make significant progress toward our vision - to be the most attractive and innovative industrial park for SMEs in the Rhine-Main region and beyond in 2025. We have already implemented the first measures from this, and others have begun."

Peter Bartholomäus Managing Director

Infraserv Wiesbaden


  • Identification of innovative approaches by start-ups and best-practice companies in other industries to products, services and business concepts relevant to maintenance management.
  • Supplementing the external view with ideas and approaches from internal experts and developing future opportunities as a basis for our own new offerings.
  • Motivating project participants to work on future issues.

"We have gained an unprecedented depth of understanding of the workings, mechanisms and structures of our business that now allows us to work in a focused and prioritized way on the future of Labexchange."

Dr. Wolfgang and Maximilian Kuster Managing Partners



  • Development of a strategy for the future
  • Clarification of the future direction in the course of the generation change in management
  • Systematic and focused engagement with the trends and technologies of the future
Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

"We have gained the certainty of knowing almost all areas of a possible future and being adequately positioned for it. That gives us a very good feeling."

Thomas Ötinger Managing Partner



  • Know the major technological changes of this world and use them for the company.
  • Ensure competitiveness with a clear focus on the future.

The most experienced future managers in Europe

"We were very impressed by the large number of conceivable vision candidates for Schneider Bau. Interim results surprised at first and the structured discussion then showed that absolutely sensible new paths were thought through. The structured work, as well as the stimulating comparisons with other companies, were particularly valuable."

Bruno Schneider Managing Partnerr



  • The joint future strategy is based on solid assumptions about relevant developments in the business environment up to 2020
  • Alternative images of the company's future are systematically developed, the most relevant was selected on the basis of a comprehensive assessment
  • Clarity about the path (goals, fields of action, projects) for the next three to five years

"I headline the project with a gained clarity and focus on the forward-looking issues and tasks of our company. We have thus gained attractive perspectives and our employees are motivated to help shape the changes."

Michael Kühner Managing Partner

Strametz & Associates


  • Systematic engagement with the trends and technologies of the future
  • Future-robust orientation of the company
Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

"Especially in times of pandemic, the future strategy developed in the program was the light in the distance that gave us strength and energy. For the employees, I believe it is a blessing. Our goals have never been so transparent and clear. I am very happy about the process and the result. It feels great! I'm looking forward to presenting this in the team meeting."

Dr. Frank Schifferdecker-Hoch Managing Partner



  • Clear why followed by the entire team
  • Clear picture of what the company wants to achieve for its customers
  • Strong image of the future that inspires the entire team

"It is impressive how masterfully FMG has navigated through the strategy maze and guided us unerringly to the result. I am very satisfied with the results. The vision and strategy brings a motivational boost to employees. When we achieve that, we'll be in a fascinating world."

René Fässler Chief Executive Officer



Greater clarity on the potential drivers of change and the resulting opportunities and needs for action.

  • Clarity and orientation about the positioning, mission and business model of the Selmoni Group in the future
  • Security and confidence that the right path has been taken
  • Agreement on the right and necessary action to implement the strategy and in day-to-day business

"FMG successfully supported us in developing an effective strategic vision for our group of companies through 2023 within a short period of time."

Christian Benz CEO

Jetter AG


  • The aim of the project was to identify future growth areas for Jetter AG.

What is special about the FMG?

"The project support by FMG was very competent, goal-oriented and systemically structured. The project was top-prepared and perfectly moderated. Thanks to the results, we now know where the journey is headed."

Werner Brunner Director Waldheim Foundation

Waldheim Foundation


  • All use a common mental set of language and principles for strategy work.
  • It is clear which elements of the strategy will be retained, modified or adapted.
  • It is clear and transparent what is deferred.
  • Alternative response options are identified and discussed for the key strategy questions.
  • A common aspiration is formulated for the key strategy issues. The next steps are transparent.

What is special about the FMG?

"Every year we are blown away again by how Dr. Micic manages to purposefully focus the discussion on the essentials. It's great to see him facilitate an event and a set of highly engaged and motivated entrepreneurs in a way that produces tangible results."

Gabriele & Jürgen Dawo managing partners



  • The aim is to create clarity and unity on the strategic direction.
  • The joint strategy of the franchise headquarters and the partners should be worked out and become.
  • A trend and scenario analysis of the future market environment is intended to provide a basis for well-founded future assumptions and potential surprises.
  • Systematic opportunity development is designed to ensure that all opportunities to secure and expand the market position are exploited.

"This future radar helps companies achieve even greater economic success while reducing environmental impact. By taking advantage of the myriad economic opportunities, new 'green jobs' will be created."

Niki Berlakovich Minister of the Environment

ECO World Styria


  • Development of a future radar system for Eco World Styria
  • Overview of the most important future factors in the energy and environment industry
  • Concrete market impact, challenges and opportunities

"I am very pleased with the outcome of the project. We have our opportunities extensively thought through and clearly in front of us, and a shared understanding of our mission."

Rainer miter Managing Director

SCMT Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology


  • Develop a clear, shared, and identity-driven vision for the SCMT.

"This was exactly what I had in mind. The results are more concrete and useful than I could have hoped for." "I am extremely satisfied with the result one year later. It has given us a high degree of certainty internally in operational decisions and externally we can take an eloquent position on strategy."

Dr. Thomas Nüßlein Chief physician

Middle Rhine Community Hospital


  • Future workshop to identify future issues relevant to shaping pediatric and adolescent medicine with the hospital's professional leadership team.

"We've never had an outside consultancy that we've worked with so efficiently."

Jürgen Spier Owner & Managing Director

Spier vehicle plant


  • Development of a common strategic vision "Spier 2023" as well as the elaboration of a roadmap for the way to the vision
  • Deciding on clear goals for 2013/2014 and working them out precisely and linking them to individual goals of the managers

"As entrepreneurs, we always dally too much in the present. I don't know of any other program that tackles this problem so deeply. I have regularly encountered transformative insights that could change the whole picture in one fell swoop. I've had downright moments of happiness during the program."

Andreas Ogger Speaker, investor and founder

Wealth creator


  • Make the company much more productive with the help of technological tools.
  • Make the business more future-proof and scalable.
FutureManagementGroup AG

"Working with FMG has been phenomenal! It has been groundbreaking for our business and has provided us with invaluable, lasting value. Thanks to you, we've been able to set anchor points and have been given a compass that points toward a bright future."

Dr. Thorsten Schmitz Managing Director

Schmitz Asset Management


  • Process optimization with the aim of automation
  • More attraction to customers
  • Making companies fit for handover to the next generation

"Our strategy is perfectly tailored to us. We've been put in a position to produce sound results."

Volker Klassen Managing Director

Port of Trier


  • To make the company robust and future-proof.
  • Developing the best possible measures to be prepared for the changes of our time.

"Our future strategy was not developed somewhere in an ivory tower, but by all departments and teams. It serves as a beacon for all of us and clearly sets out the direction and objectives. The meaningfulness of our daily work is clearly visible. We have created a strong commitment within the team."

Sebastian Schmalenbach Managing Director



  • Future orientation that gives all employees direction and new energy.
  • Development of the mission and vision of the main units as a contribution to the URANO alignment at team level.
  • Roadmap with concrete goals and activities to implement the future orientation in practice.

"The very broad view of the future, combined with many practical examples and a very clear process, have helped us to widen the blinkers of everyday life."

Adrian Weiß, Georg Hennings, Uwe Rauhöft Board members of Vereinigte Lohnsteuerhilfe e. V.



  • Solid basis for developing the strategic vision
  • Orientation on what we need to prepare for in the next 10 years
  • Certainty of having identified the most threatening disruptions and their potential impact
  • Confidence that we have recognized many good opportunities to shape the vision and have generated joy for the future

"Developing a shared vision within an association is a particular challenge. The FMG team managed to successfully manage the project thanks to its extensive toolbox, diverse moderation techniques and extensive experience. In the end, the group developed a strong vision for the future of data-driven healthcare with medical technology support."

Natalie Gladkov Head of Digital Medical Devices Division

BV Med


  • Development of a detailed picture of the future of digital healthcare through MedTech in 2035 and strategy for implementation.