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Success in future markets


Profit from trends and technologies of the future. Recognize future opportunities early

Robust business model


Securing companies against surprises from disruptive competitors

Intelligent future strategy


Building competitive advantage with a clear mission, unique positioning and motivating vision

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Leading teams with a motivating vision of the future and attracting the best employees

Focused action in the here and now


Investing resources more effectively with a joint future strategy – spirit, time and money

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FMG-Klienten: Miele

“It was impressive to experience how the changed perspective altered the idea of ourselves and our competitive environment. The project was great fun and expanded our evaluation of future developments.”

FMG-Klienten: Bosch

“The project with the FMG has given us a common image of our future assumptions as well as of central future developments relevant to us.The project has offered exactly the insights we needed for our future strategy.”

FMG-Klienten: Spier

“We have never before worked with consultants so well and efficiently.”

FMG-Klienten: Datagroup

“We are very satisfied emotionally and substantially with the strategic process and the result. Both resonated extraordinarily well with our leadership personnel. When on the last day of the strategy process, the FMG presented our vision, we all had goose bumps.”

FMG-Klienten: Evonik

“The valuable FMG methodology guarantees great results in the shortest time possible.”

FMG-Klienten: Warema

“In the project with the FutureManagementGroup AG, we have developed a great number of future opportunities and created a fascinating new vision. It gives us orientation in our strategy and clearly points to the potential in our business. “

FMG-Klienten: Continental

“We were able to escape a strategic dead end and decided the next definitive steps. Thus far, the Eltville Model is the most effective strategic method in our company.”

FMG-Klienten: Europa Park

“We took a new road towards identifying business ideas with the FMG. This first attempt was a full and complete success.”

FMG-Klienten: Freudenberg

“We can be reasonably sure that we did not miss any relevant technology. The project with the FutureManagementGroup was truly enjoyable.”

FMG-Klienten: Ribe

“We were impressed with the amount of future opportunities and the potential of the broad future market concepts we developed. We particularly enjoyed the personable, unimposing style of the FMG-team. They didn’t come to us as “know-it-alls” but as professional future managers.”

FMG-Klienten: Westfalen

“In the past years, our business has developed in extremely positive ways. The strategic visions and concrete plans we developed with the FutureManagementGroup AG were decisive factors.”

FMG-Klienten: BKA

“The scenarios helped provide background and basis to the current important discussion of fighting growing cyber crime and to identify the most significant and effective areas of countermeasures.”

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