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Client Statements

“The scenarios helped provide background and basis to the current important discussion of fighting growing cyber crime and to identify the most significant and effective areas of countermeasures. The project increased awareness of future developments in the area of cyber crime. At the same time, we discussed solutions that make long term countermeasures possible.”

(Jörg Ziercke, President Bundeskriminalamt)

“The FMG is a specialized and highly-competent team that is very flexible concerning the needs of the client, and works collectively and efficiently towards processing the information in a comprehensive manner.”

(Henning Franke, Head of Digital Transformation Roche Diagnostics GmbH)

“We can be reasonably sure that we did not miss any relevant technology. The method, which was communicated in a structured and comprehensive manner, was great. The project with the FutureManagementGroup was truly enjoyable. We have learned new things!”

(Dr. Jörg Böcking, Chief Technology Officer)

Clients of FMG

Have a bright future!

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