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What is special about the FMG?

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What is special about the FMG?
Our culture: Feel good at FMG

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What is special about the FMG?

We have been making our customers fit for the future for over 30 years.
Whether medium-sized companies or global corporations.

The FMG supervisory board

"The Exercice for the company was good and important especially to take the relevant participants to a new level of thinking and thinking bigger / further."

Gert Hansen CTO of the group of companies

Rommel AG


  • The future strategy is intended to give our employees and the Group companies an overarching sense of purpose for their actions.
  • We have succeeded in identifying and tackling new, forward-looking areas of opportunity.
  • The new strategy helps us to dovetail the business areas.
  • The future strategy is developing such charisma that we are attractive to talented employees who really want to make a difference.


"I didn't expect us to think through so much across the board." "Core team work was very good, clear facilitation, clear goal setting, clear thread." "It's very good to be so open in your self-criticism. I respect and credit that. That's very unusual for consultants."

Wolfgang Süßle Chairman of the Board

Lohmann & Rauscher


  • Scenarios on the "operating room of the future" for the year 2030 in Europe were developed for the 'Set Systems & Hygiene' business unit.
  • Based on the scenarios, a variety of opportunities were developed that are relevant to the business unit. Opportunities were evaluated and opportunity areas were merged.
  • Four areas of opportunity were identified in which L&R would like to be active with innovations in the future.

Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

"Without working with you, we wouldn't be where we are today: It has focused tremendous energy. We are extremely satisfied with the results almost two years later."

Large regional bank


  • Clarity on future key and bottleneck skills.
  • Clarity about success-critical requirements for future employees
  • Concrete picture of what makes it attractive as a forward-looking employer
  • Concrete picture of the strategic development and acquisition of future top performers

FutureManagementGroup AG

"FMG helped us create a picture of the future with solid scenarios and strategic direction that is future-proof and motivating for all employees in the new business unit."

Marina Bartetzko-Meyer Management

Mail International


  • Holistic and shared understanding of the market's likely future
  • A strategic alignment of the management team from the former organizational units Post Logistics International and Asendia Switzerland.
  • Shared, clear vision of the future of the new International Mail & Parcels business unit

Our culture: Feel good at FMG

"Through the assumption analysis of our updated strategy, we feel we are well positioned and can fully focus on implementing it."

Bruno Cathomen CEO

Mikron Group


  • The aim of the project was to review the updated corporate strategy to determine whether the underlying assumptions about the future are valid and stand up to scrutiny by FMG.

Our culture: Fun in Excellence - FutureManagementGroup AG

"Their systematic approach helped us a lot to develop a clear picture and a roadmap for the future. I asked the team: Everyone would like to continue working with you. "

Jens Rottmair Spokesman of the Board of Management

Kässbohrer all terrain vehicles


  • Create solid and shared assumptions about the future among the leadership team as the basis of the business and strategy.
  • A clear picture of the future, how the next era of Kässbohrer should look like and how we will become more independent from snow.
  • Implementation roadmaps with clear priorities, goals, actions, and responsibilities.

Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

"I am very happy about the process and the result. I looked at the results presentation again: It feels great! I'm looking forward to presenting this in the team meeting."

Dr. Frank Schifferdecker-Hoch Managing Partner



  • Clear why followed by the entire team
  • Clear picture of what the company wants to achieve for its customers
  • Strong image of the future that inspires the entire team

What is special about the FMG?

"The project support by FMG was very competent, goal-oriented and systemically structured. The project was top-prepared and perfectly moderated. Thanks to the results, we now know more clearly where the journey is going."

Werner Brunner Director Waldheim Foundation

Waldheim Foundation


  • All use a common mental set of language and principles for strategy work.
  • It is clear which elements of the strategy will be retained, modified or adapted.
  • It is clear and transparent what is deferred.
  • Alternative response options are identified and discussed for the key strategy questions.
  • A common aspiration is formulated for the key strategy issues. The next steps are transparent.

The FMG supervisory board

"It was an intense and exciting time that helped us a lot. I feel really well prepared and positioned now."

Frédéric Gabriel Chief Strategy Officer



  • Certainty that we have identified all fundamentally sensible growth areas.
  • Clarity about which key trends and technologies speak for or against the individual thrust directions for Haselmeier.
  • A strategic thrust for the coming years jointly supported by the management.
  • Verify, confirm and specify the existing basic framework of the company.