Identify your blind spots in your strategy

Business wargaming

Simulate surprise attacks from real and fictional competitions.

Uncover the blind spots in your strategy and lead your team and company to a bright future.


Play a Business Wargame

Are you concerned about the future viability of your business? Are you worried about the future? Lacking the really good ideas on how to make your business great and future-proof again? Play a Business Wargame!

Known and new competitors can attack your company at any time with disruptive business models and technologies. Moreover, the next crash is looming. With a BUSINESS WARGAME you shake up your team. And you create security and confidence.

This allows you to simulate surprise attacks from real and fictitious competitors. Competitors are using the latest technologies and the most intelligent strategies to take your customers and orders and sweep your company out of the market.

How do you react? How do you protect yourself? How do you turn the attacks into your own opportunities?

You can run a business wargame for the future strategy of your entire company or for a business unit or even a product.

The FMG BUSINESS WARGAME is an unrivaled solution that helps you identify threats and opportunities and makes your future strategy more robust. Your future strategy is your most profitable single investment.

Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić

Your goals and benefits


Make your team aware of opportunities and threats. Make your employees aware of the existence, nature and form of potential surprises and threats.


Identify changes in the competitive landscape. Identify and describe potential existing and new competitors.


Recognize and understand strategies, moves and attacks. Safeguarding companies against surprises from disruptive competitors.

Future Robust

Making your business model future-proof. Make strategic decisions with more knowledge and foresight.


Identify and exploit opportunities for strategic advantage. Turn your competitors’ most effective attacks and plays into your opportunities.

Discuss your considerations and questions with an FMG expert

In a video conference via TEAMS or ZOOM or simply by phone, Berthold Müssig will advise you on your considerations and questions. This way you can easily find out if and in which form the BUSINESS WARGAME is useful for you and your company.