Implementing your future strategy & leading your team into the future

Implement & Lead Program

Dear Leader,

You have developed your strategy for the future. But of course, all the work on your future strategy will only have a major practical benefit if your team understands, supports and consistently practices your future strategy on a day-to-day basis.

How do you win your team over to your future strategy? How do you ensure implementation? How do you lead your team with an eye to the future?

With the IMPLEMENT & LEAD PROGRAM, we support you in consistently implementing your strategy for the future and in leading your team in a forward-looking way on a day-to-day basis.

You benefit from a unique composition of consulting, training and coaching with the most effective principles, methods and tools. We accompany you every step of the way until your future strategy bears fruit.

Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić


Your goals and benefits

Winning your team over for strategies

Your consultant Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić is the leading expert in future management. Don’t worry, Prof. he is only part-time :).

An excellent team, 31 years of experience, 1,200 strategy projects and over 2,000 top references speak for themselves.

Pero Mićić himself has been an entrepreneur and active investor in future markets for over 35 years, so he is up close and personal.

Implement your strategy consistently

Well over 1,000 trends and scenarios encourage you to see the future more comprehensively and at the same time more clearly.

Hundreds of strategies and case studies energize you and make it easy to rethink your business.

They experience how other companies from similar or even distant industries have future-proofed their businesses.

Leading your team into the future

Your future strategy will be absolutely unique. Tailor-made and individual in every element.

Together we select only the modules that you really need or want. You go your very own way with us.

You can shorten or lengthen the duration of the program to fit your time and resources.

Strengthen your leadership skills

You always see the future of your company as a whole at a glance and can zoom into the details at any point.

For each step of your strategy you will get not only instructions, but hundreds of professional studio videos.

For all work steps you will receive simple, well thought-out templates, tools and examples that have been tried and tested thousands of times.

Using effective leadership tools

After we met in person, everything runs online. All without traveling and without being away from the company.

We also work very closely and intensively together online. Most of the time, a very close personal relationship develops with your consultant.

If online is not enough, we are happy to come to your company at any time and provide additional on-site support.


Through digitization and virtualization, we have managed to offer small companies the same benefits as large ones.

In doing so, you get the performance and benefits at a fraction of the usual investment.

More benefit, less fee? Why we do something so crazy? Because it works. In our conversation we will explain how :).

Discuss your considerations and questions with an FMG expert

In a video conference via TEAMS or ZOOM or simply by phone, Berthold Müssig will advise you on your considerations and questions. This way you can easily find out if and in which form the IMPLEMENT & LEAD PROGRAM is useful for you and your company.