What is special about the FMG?

Feeling good at FMG

With joy everything is easier, better, more beautiful, more successful and healthier. We all help to shape our joy at work – by meeting each other every day in a positive, trusting, open and appreciative way, taking everyone as they are, challenging each other, but also taking care of each other.

We are proud of and enjoy being a group of people from a wide variety of disciplines and with a wide variety of life histories, interests and talents who, as a professional circle of friends, form a strong community where everyone feels like a valuable part of the team – inside and outside the office.

From the wonderful Rheingau, one of the most beautiful corners of Germany, we operate with clients all over the world.

We set joy as a value next to and as a prerequisite for economic success!

What is special about the FMG?

Our culture: Fun in Excellence

“We place joy as a value alongside and as a prerequisite for economic success!” is one of our most important guidelines. We want to enjoy and take pleasure in our work at FMG.

At our company, no one has to accept feeling joy at less than 70% of their working hours. If one has no joy in more than 30% of the working time – a value we consider acceptable out of realism – we rearrange the employee’s responsibilities and roles and eliminate – as far as possible – the causes of anger and trouble.

It may sound romantic, but we are serious. With joy everything is easier, better, more beautiful, more successful and healthier. Life is too short and working hours too long to work without joy. If we work for you with pleasure, you will get more performance, higher quality, more useful results, more effectiveness and also a more human pleasant cooperation.


Working with you on your future is a fascinating professional task for us.

We are aware that you want to and can only work on this task with excellent people.

That is why we work on ourselves, every day and in every task. We want you to experience us as knowledgeable, personable and exemplary.

Excellent people make an excellent company. We do ourselves what we preach. We ourselves have a motivating mission future-robust vision and strategy. We use our own models, methods and tools. We are organized as an agile team. We have no departments and almost no hierarchy. We don’t have jobs and “positions”, but rather each FMGer has a portfolio of responsibilities and roles that match their motivations, interests and skills. As a matter of principle, we invest in the latest and most powerful working tools in hardware and software. This is how we create maximum performance, in our interest and yours.
Exzellent effect
for clients
We measure our success primarily by the impact we make for you. In the matter and also emotionally. That’s why we want to understand your business and think our way into it. That’s why we put so much thought into the effects you want to achieve for your business. And how to achieve them. That is why we plan and manage our projects masterfully and with visible certainty of success. So that you have not only good results, but also a good feeling during our cooperation. So that we can be as committed to your business as you are.

We have signed the Diversity Charter out of conviction. The Diversity Charter advances the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in the workplace.