How intelligent will AI become?

How intelligent will AI become in the foreseeable future? The decisive factor is not that AI still makes mistakes today. What is decisive is that there are already hardly any humans who know and can do so much in so many areas.

Metaverse! What you need to know and do now

Suddenly everyone is talking about the metaverse. The next big thing? Is that realistic? Is that really what’s coming? What threats and what opportunities does the Metaverse bring to you professionally and business-wise? You can find out the answers here.

The future is always already here: S-curves in the early phase

Zukunft, S-Kurve

Dr. Pero Mićić You’ve come to the right place if you want to future-proof your business and yourself professionally. Part of my job is to give presentations. At trade conferences, customer events and employee events. When I talk about new markets and new jobs, after the keynote someone always says: “Tell me about all the […]

Wind power, but different


Shipping is a massive burden on the atmosphere. But there is a concrete solution to the environmental problem: wind power, but different.

AI translator: you will speak all languages

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told that you have to learn foreign languages to be successful in your career. This could prove to be bad advice in the future. The reason: AI translators are getting better and better!

The trend system for your business

The trend system for your business Dr. Pero Mićić Why a trend system? Whether Tesla, Apple or Salesforce. Any great success of a company is based in large part on their early recognition of trends or potential trends. And then created their own trend from it. This is how new markets and successful companies are […]

Do hydrogen fuel cell cars have a bright future?


Hydrogen is the future of the automotive industry. You hear that everywhere. But will that be the case? This paper provides an overview of all the arguments and a reasoned future assumption.