What is special about the FMG?

Dr. Bettina

Have a bright future - FutureManagementGroup AG

Senior FutureManager

Professional background

  • Qualification as coach (FH)
  • Project management as well as teaching and research activities at the Institute of Educational Science
  • Doctorate in Educational Sciences, focus on media, media effects and educational research at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany
  • Study of media pedagogy
  • In the FMG team since 2013

Tasks in the FMG

  • Coaching for managers
  • Management of strategy projects with implementation of the developed future strategies
  • Coordination and responsibility of project result visualizations
  • Management and counseling of clients in the seminar program
  • Further development of FMG solutions

As an educator and coach, actively shaping the personal and entrepreneurial future of our clients is a professional self-realization. In addition, I enjoy the privilege of working in a team that lives the principles of future management.

What is special about the FMG?


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