• Dr. Philipp Reisinger, formerly an archaeological guide, librarian, asset manager, elementary school teacher, tutor, research assistant, and corporate advisor, is now a partner at FutureManagementGroup AG.
  • Born in Austria, he studied philosophy, theology, didactics, pedagogy and canon law in Rome, Feldkirch and Munich. He earned his doctorate in systematic theology as well as in canon law. He is licensed as an ecclesiastical lawyer, judge and court director. He has worked in various fields of activity for the Catholic Church, a software company near Munich, the State of Liechtenstein and the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.
  • His atypical biography and professional career distinguish him as an interdisciplinary thinker who seeks to understand complex realities and interrelationships and make them accessible to his audience.
  • His interests revolve around the future of man and human coexistence in society, economy and politics, the future of religion and culture.

Professional Background

  • Ethic advisory board and mentor at software companies
  • Scientific assistant and tutor at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich
  • Doctorate in theology and canon law in Munich
    Study of philosophy in Rome
  • Study of teaching methodology and education in Feldkirch (Austria)
  • Honorary lecturer at the Fresenius University for Applied Sciences
  • Since 2013 part of the FMG

Responsibilities at the FMG

  • Management of future projects, especially in the fields of machines and tools, building and living, as well as in the education sector
  • Focus on the areas of development and implementation of future strategies and early identification of opportunities in future markets
  • Speeches and moderations