What is special about the FMG?



Professional background

  • Studied mathematics at the Technical University in Darmstadt
  • Graduation in business administration from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz
  • State-certified paramedic and multi-certified instructor in lay medical education
  • As a crisis intervention counselor, volunteer to counsel people in psychosocial crises
  • Member of the FMG team since 2010

Tasks in the FMG

  • Management of future projects, in particular in the health and well-being and money and pension sectors
  • Focus on solidification and development of future strategies
  • Consulting and coaching for executives
  • Lectures and moderations
  • Publications on future markets, innovations and future strategy
  • Sparring partner for the concretization of needs and conception of future projects
  • Coaching of the FMG team on methods and tools

Anticipation is the best joy. However, this requires a positive image of oneself and one's company for the future.

What is special about the FMG?

as speaker

As an expert on future markets in the areas of health and wellness as well as money and retirement planning, Fuád Abuschuscha lectures in his area of expertise.

Future market topics

  • The future of healthcare – How technological trends are shaping the system
  • How future experts think about the health and wellness sector
  • How to identify future markets in medical industries before your competitors do
What is special about the FMG?


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