The "Eltville Model" for quality and effectiveness of your future strategy

With the Eltville Model you solve the complexity problem in thinking about the future

Many practitioners avoid discussions about the future, because all too often they result in vagueness and chaos. The core problem is the lack of a precise language for the future. Thus irritating and dangerous confusions about the future occur.

Therefore, methods and tools are often used in the wrong place and are misapplied. Therefore positionings, visions and strategies are often so little precise and consistent. Take advantage of the Eltville Model, a consistent semantic concept model that we have developed in practical work with leaders and in phenomenological scientific work 1991 onwards.

The Eltville Model allows you and us to analyze the future of your market and make your positioning, vision and strategy very precise, consistent and effective. The Eltville Model has proven itself in hundreds of projects and in countless companies and organizations, including governments.

With the "five futures glasses" you start at man's motives and perspectives for the future

The Eltville Model is based on the five basic human motives for foresight, the five "futures glasses". They serve the motives and desires regarding to future that are ingrained in the human psyche.

Therefore the Eltville Model is easy to understand, despite the necessary complexity. That makes it also easily connectable to your leader and employers. Even investors are enthusiastic about it.

The profound and precise definition of the five types of the future and the related results and processes facilitate your professional future management.

Eltviller Modell für Zukunftsmanagement

With the process and result model you make your orientation, vision and strategy precisely and consistently

The process model describes any insight processes necessary in your company for the development, validation and actualization of your future strategy. The order of the steps are variable. The process model is method neutral. It basically allows the use of any effective method.

The result model is a consistent semantic net of terms. It offers a clear and proven structure for your future strategy. It assures that your orientation, your vision and your strategy are connected to the basic trends, scenarios and assumptions coherently. And it guarantees that your strategy is even linked to you daily tasks. By the way, the result model is also the base for the data model of the FMG-FutureNet.

Eltville Model: Futures Glasses and Results

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