Future proof your business!



Develop your robust, intelligent and motivating future strategy for your company in small simple steps.

Lead your team and company into a bright future. Take advantage of this forward-looking way of strategy development with FutureManagementGroup AG.

Dr. Pero Micic

Dear leader,

for almost 30 years we have been developing the future strategies of leading global companies. We are the European pioneer of future management.
The FUTURE STRATEGY PROGRAM is a fundamental innovation in strategy development. It is an intelligent combination of online training, consulting, coaching and the most effective methods and tools.
Through the FUTURE STRATEGY PROGRAM you will receive an enormous benefit for your strategic orientation with a low investment.
You can use the FUTURE STRATEGY PROGRAM as an open program under my guidance, so that you share the investment with executives from other companies. You can participate yourself or let colleagues and employees participate.

You can also use it as an in-house program with a team from your company, for the future strategy for your entire company or for a unit. One of our experienced experts will then take the lead. We are also happy to provide personal support on site.
The FUTURE STRATEGY PROGRAM is an unrivaled solution for developing and improving your future strategy.
Your future strategy is your most profitable single investment. Regularly rethink your business from the ground up to secure your business and to unlock the potential for success.
I look forward to working with you on the future of your company.

Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić

Your goals: Answers to existential questions

Success in future markets


Understand trends and technologies early on and profit from them

Intelligent future strategy


Strategically align the company toward a clear, motivating and unique direction

Focused action in the here and now


Build and secure competitive advantages in growth markets

Robust business model


Build and secure a productive and profitable system for peak performance

Easier, more effective leading


Lead the team in a focused and motivating way and attract top talent

who has gone this way already

What exactly is the Future Strategy Program?


  • Every week and for 26 weeks, 1-4 professional videos with inspiration and step-by-step instructions for your future strategy (also for tablet and smartphone)
  • 80+ major trends and technologies that change your market
  • 400+ future markets from which you can profit
  • 400+ scenarios of the future for inspiration and orientation
  • 150+ Disruptive strategies of successful companies for easy learning and respectful copying
  • 500+ slides with inspirations and methodologically sound instructions


  • You develop your future strategy with Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić and a few colleagues …
    and together with a group of inspiring leaders from other industries. They share the investment.
  • In several thematically focused video conferences per week, Dr. Mićić guides, advises and supports you in developing and implementing your future strategy (with recording).
  • You will receive answers and support to your personal questions at any time within a few hours.


  • You develop your future strategy with your own team.
    An experienced expert of the FutureManagementGroup AG will advise and support you directly at your company and additionally in video conferences.
  • You develop the future strategy for your entire company, for a business area or have your business unit leaders support you in your sub-strategies.
  • Goals, contents, scope, intensity and duration can be freely designed according to your wishes.
  • We will gladly take over the entire project management to minimize your time expenditure.


  • Twice a year you can optionally attend a physical workshop with other FMG clients. Case studies are presented and implementation problems of the participants are solved.
  • We are happy to organize and moderate your workshops and events professionally, also with your clients.
  • We illustrate your future strategy with our designers in graphics, pictures and video.
  • We build your own online academy for future, strategy, innovation and leadership.

Discuss your considerations and questions personally with the FMG experts!

In a video conference by TEAMS or ZOOM or simply by telephone Berthold Müssig will advise you on your considerations and questions. In this way you can easily find out whether and in what form the FUTURE STRATEGY PROGRAM is useful for you and your company.