What lies ahead? What remains and what doesn’t? Which solutions will we have to develop? How shall we think and act for the future? Or simply:

What will we live off in the future?

Many of us ask these questions today. There are many scenarios and prognoses for the future, and there are studies, visions, and expert opinions. A complete image of the future also needs to include what is unexpected and surprising. What have you not yet thought about? Which seemingly wayward futures might become reality?

Our thinking today determines the opportunities we will have tomorrow. But all too often we are trapped in thought patterns and dangerous habits. They keep us from looking at our own future opportunities in smart ways. Our short-term orientation leads us to real dangers. This is what the lectures of our FMG speakers deal with: future markets – those that are obvious and those that are hidden; perspectives – for private individuals, for leaders, for companies, and for society.

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