Humanoid robots: how will they learn? (Part 3)

Wie lernen humanoide Roboter?

How do humanoid robots learn? Through training? Observation? Imitation? Experience? Humanoid robots will fundamentally change our working world and thus also society. It is time to prepare for this new era.

Humanoid robots: the solution to the labor shortage? (Part 1)

Dr. Pero Mićić A few weeks ago, the Chinese government made a consequential announcement. Which only a few people noticed. It’s about humanoid robots. Humanoid robots will reshape the world, says the Chinese government in a guideline for their entire economy. China wants to become the world market leader in humanoid robots by 2027. That’s […]

How long will the battery in an EV last?

How long does an electric car’s battery last? Some say several hundred thousand kilometers, while others claim that after barely 100,000 kilometers, the battery is junk and must be disposed of as hazardous waste. So, what’s the truth?

How fast will AI develop?

Many people make fun of what ChatGPT & Co. cannot do. Most people have difficulty imagining exponential developments. How fast will AI get better?

How intelligent will AI become?

How intelligent will AI become in the foreseeable future? The decisive factor is not that AI still makes mistakes today. What is decisive is that there are already hardly any humans who know and can do so much in so many areas.

Do we really need to go to mars? The mission of SpaceX

Mission SpaceX

Making humanity a multiplanetary species. That is SpaceX’s mission. Is it just a giant waste of money and resources? And ultra-rich men who don’t know what to do with all their money? Or is it an investment in the survival of humanity?