Bright Future Business: The 8 characteristics of a future-proof company

Our culture: Feel good at FMG

  Dr. Pero Mićić   How future-proof is your company or job? Millions of experts and books tell you what you need to do to become successful. But what exactly does a successful company look like? How can you tell that a company is more future-proof than others? The consultants and authors are surprisingly silent […]

June 2022: Robotics in medical technology

FutureManagementGroup AG

Robot-assisted work: Tomorrow’s world already started yesterday – Pero Micic and Fuad Abuschuscha report on this in the interview on ‘Trends in medical technology: The reprocessing of sterile goods today and in the future’.

Russia-Ukraine – too much history – too little future

Dr. Pero Mićić How does someone like me and my team, who are working intensively on the future and on strategies for the future, deal with the Russia-Ukraine war? How can there still be a good future? Bright future, my ass. That’s what we’ve been asked more often in recent days. I don’t want to […]