This is the most important qualification for the future

Das ist die wichtigste Qualifikation für die Zukunft

Dr. Pero Mićić It’s said that two-thirds of today’s students will work in jobs in their lifetime that we don’t know about today. What should you learn for the future? What should your children learn? If you are a leader, what should your employees learn? With which qualification should you prefer to hire employees?If, after […]

Electric Cars – Really the Future?

Tesla Model S Supercharger

Dr. Pero Mićić Will electric cars really catch on? Are they really the future? If you want to have a competent say on these issues, this is THE video for you. I bring all the important arguments. And at the end, I’ll tell you what my assessment is on that. Here we are talking about […]

Skills of the future

New Skills

Successful in the age of AI and robots One feature of the 2020s will be that artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic systems will progressively shape our everyday professional and personal lives. AI will become ubiquitous in the enterprise, so that sound and competitive corporate management is no longer conceivable without it. What skills will we […]

Professions with a future

Which professions are being eliminated and which are being created? How is the German economy developing? – Questions that Dr. Philipp Reisinger explores.