What are the scenarios for the Circular Economy?

Szenarien zur Circular Economy

Enno Däneke First successes on a long road to circularity The Circular Economy 2030 Expectations Scenario assumes that very significant progress will be made in Circularity over the next 10 years. The amount of packaging waste collected will increase significantly, especially in developing countries, and recycling rates are rising worldwide. These advances are very likely […]

Will we see a circular economy?

Wird die Circular Economy kommen?

There is an urgent need for other approaches to go the way of becoming “circular”. This means replacing traditional consumption with a perpetual cycle. Reuse and recycling are essential starting points to realize this transformation. However, they are not enough.

Bright Future Business: The 8 characteristics of a future-proof company

Our culture: Feel good at FMG

  Dr. Pero Mićić   How future-proof is your company or job? Millions of experts and books tell you what you need to do to become successful. But what exactly does a successful company look like? How can you tell that a company is more future-proof than others? The consultants and authors are surprisingly silent […]