How can companies make practical use of the Circular Economy scenarios?

Enno Däneke

Scenarios as food for thought

The scenarios on the future of the Circular Economy serve to make one’s own strategy more robust. You, as an entrepreneur, can get an overview of the crucial points and principles for you and your company in the future.

You can align them with your current strategy by contrasting the key messages of the scenarios and the strategy. By looking at this and comparing the essential statements in the scenarios, you can determine in which points you are absolutely on the right track and in which points a rethink may be required.

The scenarios are intended for review and as food for thought. For example, you may realize that your company’s current strategy and direction is not future-proof. It is also possible that only fine adjustments need to be made in order to place robustly in the market in the future. You may realize in some scenarios that the company’s business purpose is being challenged and there are very different needs in the marketplace in the future.

Update business model

If you dive deeper into the scenarios and look at the individual elements, projections and assumptions and compare them with your business model, you will recognize the need for optimization or be confirmed in your actions. In doing so, you question, for example:

  • The way you do business today
  • How you produce
  • How to organize
  • What effect you promise your customers
  • What solutions you offer
  • How you interact with your customers and
  • How to attract customers

This comparison between the current state and future scenarios allows you to reflect on whether your company can continue in this way in the future or whether you even want to change your business purpose and object entirely.

This results in opportunities, options for action and advantages over competitors who do not tap into these future prospects. You have the opportunity to see changes in the market earlier and thus to invest in promising topics in time.

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