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The difference between mission and vision


Actually, it’s quite simple. Mission and vision are very clearly definable and defined terms. Actually. And yet, a great many companies are doing it wrong, and even the large and supposedly very professional companies.

Make your vision work! How to successfully implement your vision

Make your vision work

Even the best vision is of no use if you don’t communicate it effectively. And in such a way that it reaches the minds, hearts and hands of your employees and is consistently targeted in day-to-day business as an image of the future. In theory, this sounds logical and simple, but in practice it is anything but trivial. Therefore, this is where the work really begins.

Vision creates earnings & enterprise value

Ertrag Unternehmenswert

– Less comparability – more unique position and margin
– No stagnation – more potential utilization and turnover
– Lower costs – higher yield
– Fewer financial worries – maximum enterprise value

Vision creates energy & performance

Energie Leistung

– Less clumsiness – more motivation and performance
– Less fear and doubt – more confidence
– Fewer staff shortages – greater appeal to employees