Where are you leading to? How to turn your mission and vision into your most profitable investment! – PART 3

Video: Vision creates clarity & effectiveness

Using four examples, I will show you how vision creates clarity & effectiveness

Overview: Vision creates clarity & effectiveness

05. Less confusion – more clarity and orientation (clarity & effectiveness)


Why does everyone in your team explain your future-strategy differently?

  • Many of your colleagues and employees understand your strategy and business model in different way than you do?
  • Almost everyone uses different terms, which continues to lead to misunderstandings?
  • If you ask ten team members about the right strategy for the future, do you feel you get ten different answers?
  • Do you often wonder about the priorities set by your managers?


Which strategy candidates did you evaluate and which did you clearly choose?

  • Start by developing not one, but at least three to eight strategy candidates. This is the only way to ensure that you have really considered the entire space opportunity.
  • Determine the criteria by which you evaluate the candidates, such as future fitness, risk level, strength fit, unique selling proposition potential, earnings potential and desire to implement.
  • Let your candidates compete in pairs against each other in each discipline – the criteria – just like in a tournament.
  • Identify the winner as the core of your strategic direction and develop the candidate into a clear mission, positioning and vision.


Everyone in the team knows the “North star” and sees your common future clearly in front of their eyes!

  • Everyone in the team can confidently distinguish between what is right for the future wellbeing of your company and what is wrong.
  • Everybody knows the strategy candidates that failed in the “tournament” and can, though often painfully, let go of them.
  • In your team, you use the same terms and speak the same language.
  • Your strategic statements sound like a well-composed symphony.

06. Fewer conflicts – more unity and alignment (clarity & effectiveness)


Why do you discuss and argue so much?

  • You keep having the same time-consuming discussions?
  • You, your executives and your employees do not agree on your strategic direction, vision, strategy and the right priorities?
  • Some of your discussions even turn into arguments and persistent conflicts?
  • Your meetings are sometimes characterized by low mutual trust and respect and even rude treatment?


What is your future vision of your company?

  • Resolve with your management team intensively all the big questions that must finally be answered and decided:
    • Your mission (M): What really is your business and what is not.
    • Your positioning (P): What really is unique about your company.
    • Your vision (V): To where you want to develop your business and where not to.
  • Mission, positioning and vision are not three sentences for your website, but a well-founded, well-formulated and consistent set of existential decisions.
  • Your vision of the future will only become effective when it is understood and strongly supported by a good part of your employees.


You enjoy the unity and alignment  of your team!

  • You have a shared “mental map” in the minds of your executives and employees and are thus conscious about their perceptions, assumptions and decisions.
  • With your common “mental map” of mission, positioning and vision, you enjoy the greatest possible unity and alignment. From the leadership team to each individual employee.
  • Disclosed assumptions, arguments and justifications ensure that the unity does not lead to blindness.
  • You are involved in significantly fewer strenuous and time-consuming discussions.

07. Less scattering – more focus and strength (clarity & effectiveness)


Why are you fighting on so many fronts?

  • Do you have the feeling that you are following several strategic directions at the same time?
  • You can’t really concentrate your personal efforts on essential tasks?
  • Do you always work on different fronts with only divided power?
  • Your best people constantly have to jump back and forth between different topics?
  • You cannot invest sufficiently in all your business areas to remain competitive?


What do you focus and concentrate on?

  • Together with your core team, determine the big, convincing picture of your future consisting of mission, positioning and vision, which all your activities, projects and processes should run towards. Without such a picture of your future, you always have too many business areas, projects and processes.
  • Focus and enduring concentration of forces (mind, time, money) are undisputed success factors. Focus requires saying ‘No’ and literally “cutting away”. Make as many decisions against options as deemed necessary in this regard.
  • Focus is the entirety of the few decisions for a particular strategic direction and the many decisions against other possible strategic directions.


You have more focus and therefore more power!

  • If a 50 kg lightweight lady with a spiked heel is standing on your foot, it hurts more than if a 100 kg heavy man is resting on your foot. Focus gives you power because it downsizes the field of action.
  • You yourself enjoy clarity and focus and can easily and convincingly communicate your vision of the future to your team.
  • A clear future-strategy smoothes-out the activities, it concentrates and harmo-nizes them, from the leadership team to the individual employee.
  • You can use your vision of your future with mission, positioning and vision in all workshops, meetings, presentations and discussions. Until virtually every employee knows it by heart and has understood it correctly.

08. Less effort and stress – greater effectiveness of leadership (clarity & effectiveness)


Why are you working so much  and so hard?

  • You know everything about leadership with goals, but it doesn’t work in the your field?
  • You have a master plan with a roadmap of all projects and initiatives, but it keeps falling apart?
  • You have become the most dilligent foreman and hopelessly overburdened instructor?


Where are you leading your employees to?

  • Without a vision of your future, you do not lead, you merely manage. Leadership is not possible without a vision. The only way to lead your team from today to tomorrow more effectively than before is by having a picture of your future and being able to communicate it effectively both emotionally and rationally.
  • Break the vicious circle of “no time for a vision of our future” and massive work overload and stress. Force yourself to develop the big picture of mission, positioning and vision.
  • Make your master plan robust and convergent with your future-strategy consisting of mission, positioning and vision. Otherwise, not only you, but everyone else too, will work too much, too hard and too expensively.


You lead more easily and at the same time more effectively!

  • You equip yourself with the most powerful leadership tool ever – with a vision of your future, consisting of a robust mission, differentiating positioning and motivating vision.
  • Your vision of the future is, to a certain extent, the prerequisite for being able to delegate responsibility for projects and tasks and relieve yourself of pressure.
  • The projects and processes run even without your intervention towards a common vision of your joint future. You lead much more effectively, with less effort and much more joy.
  • You will gain a great deal of authority in terms of content and personality.
  • You’re recognized as the sensible visionary you’ve always been or at least wanted to be.

Have a bright future!

Dr. Pero Mićić




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