With all the problems in the here and now: why develop a strategy for the future?

Fuád Abuschuscha

That’s a valid and very understandable question. The quickest way to find the answer is to look into the question of what a future strategy is for in the first place.

A clear strategy for the future should be understood like a puzzle. Imagine you are asked to work on a puzzle with your team, but you don’t know what kind of puzzle picture to put together. In addition, there are puzzle pieces that do not belong to the picture or show the picture but do not fit in terms of shape. However, they do not know which ones and how many there are. It makes it much more challenging to successfully put the puzzle together.

If, on the other hand, you have a clear template in the form of a future strategy and are sure that this particular picture should be put together, then you will be much faster and more successful. Because in this case, you have a clear goal in mind and know exactly where you want to go.

It is the same in a company that has always manufactured medical technology and is now faced with many new solutions, challenges and opportunities.

If you do not have a clear picture of the future with this company, you will face a problem. Where are they going? What do you deliberately leave out and what do you keep doing as you are? What do you need to radically rethink? You will have difficulties answering all these questions because everyone in your company has a different, very individual picture of the future in their head. You will never achieve the right and complete picture unless you follow a precise plan. And that’s why a strategy for the future is so important! A future strategy is your template for your business.

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Have a bright future!