What does a good and effective strategy for the future include?

Fuád Abuschuscha

Your mission

If your company did not exist today, why would it need to be founded? As an entrepreneur, why would you invest time, money and spirit to build and develop this very business? The answer you find to that is the raison d’être for your business, it’s your mission. If you do not find a suitable answer to these questions, you should urgently think about how you will answer them in the future.

Your positioning

There are often several players in the market that have a similar raison d’être and offer similar things. The question here is: What is the “positive distinction”? That is, what is the difference with other companies that at first glance offer exactly the same.

If, for example, two companies have set themselves the goal of making medicine available to everyone in the world at low prices, they can pursue their goal with very different approaches. One company works heavily device-based, with low-tech, so it can also be used anywhere. The second company, on the other hand, relies heavily on data-based tools, using cell phones or other devices that are widely used for non-medical reasons. This involves using an already existing infrastructure to one’s own advantage.

Both companies have the same goal, but achieve it completely differently, and each has a different special feature that they bring to the table.

Your vision

Once you have answered these questions, once you know what differentiates you from companies doing similar things and what makes you special, the final question is: what is your ambition, where do you want to go? Where do you want to be in ten years?

For example, do you want to have eradicated major widespread diseases in ten years or to have given everyone access to medicine? Or do you rather want to be one of the pioneers and drivers in your sphere of influence, in your market?

Find a clear answer to this question and you will find that many things will be easier for you. You will no longer have to make decisions in many individual cases. Instead, you can derive them directly from your picture of the future. A clear picture of the future is also important if you want people to work with you in your company. Everyone needs workers, and with a clear picture of the future, it will be easier for people to recognize their role in it and to work with joy and motivation in a goal-oriented manner. If your employees identify with your vision of the future, they will move more quickly and easily with you on the path to the future. People who do not see themselves in the picture or even harbor aversions will lose you. If you’re honest, it wouldn’t have worked out in these cases anyway. Both parties are helped by this clarity.

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