Top Entrepreneur Interview with Johannes Winklhofer from iwis

Dr. Pero Mićić

Part 1: 10 entrepreneur commandments for the future

Moving into the future with 10 entrepreneurial commandments from long ago. Welcome to a top entrepreneur interview. The Munich-based company iwis has around 3000 employees worldwide and has grown successfully many times over since we met. Iwis is one of our clients. I spoke with owner and boss Johannes Winklhofer about how he developed iwis and made it more future-proof. We bring you the interview in four parts. The other parts are linked in the description. In this first part we talk about a special feature of iwis. At iwis, we work according to the 10 Commandments for Forward Strivers. If that sounds a little old to you, there’s a special reason.

Part 2: “I am a trustee for the next generation”.

Long-term thinking entrepreneurs are only trustees for the next generation. Welcome to the second part of my Top Entrepreneurs interview. Here, Mr. Winklhofer shares with us how he manages to run his company with a 30-year horizon of thinking.

Part 3: Medium-sized company thinks 100 years ahead

Thinking 100 years ahead…as a medium-sized entrepreneur, that’s what the third part of my interview with Johannes Winklhofer is all about. In this part, Mr. Winklhofer explains to us what he actually developed a picture of the future of his company iwis for the year 2116.

Part 4: “How we profit from megatrends”.

Megatrends are a matter for the boss… In the fourth part of my interview with top entrepreneur Johannes Winklhofer, I asked him about how he developed iwis strategically and made it more future-proof. In this final installment, he reveals how he aligns with and profits from megatrends.

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