Interview with Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon

Dr. Pero Mićić

Part 1: How the hidden champions ensure your success

The term “hidden champions” is familiar to practically everyone involved in entrepreneurship. The discoverer and researcher of this phenomenon is Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon. His first book on hidden champions was published in 1996, the studies on it years earlier. The most recent book is from 2021. Hermann Simon is also himself the founder of a global market leader, Simon, Kucher & Partner, the world’s leading pricing consultancy, which actually founded the field.

I spoke with Prof. Simon about the factors and strategies that make a company more future-proof. Because that is our mission.

Part 2: How excellent employees come and stay in the company

Who has visions should go to the doctor? This is complete nonsense. Says Prof. Hermann Simon. I spoke with him about how companies can overcome the shortage of qualified employees. There is one success factor that has become increasingly important, especially to younger people.

Part 3: How to better assess future markets

Every entrepreneur is trapped in the imprint of the past, according to Prof. Simon. I spoke with him about how companies can improve their assumptions about the future to become more future-proof. After all, the leadership team’s assumptions about the future are the foundation on which every company stands.

Part 4: How we became the global market leader in pricing

“We founded our market, in which we are the world market leader, ourselves,” says Prof. Hermann Simon. I asked him what future-proofing factors he has implemented with his partners to not only make Simon Kucher und Partner the world market leader, but also to keep it in this position.

Part 5: The pricing strategies of the hidden champions

There have been more pricing innovations in the last 20 years than in the last 2000 years. This is what the man who should know, the Pricing Man himself, Prof. Hermann Simon, says. I asked him how he sees the future of pricing and how he views pricing as a factor in securing the future.

Part 6: A visionary idea for the future of Russia

At the end of our dialogue, we also came to talk about the war in Ukraine. I want to share some thoughts from our conversation.

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