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The difference between mission and vision


Actually, it’s quite simple. Mission and vision are very clearly definable and defined terms. Actually. And yet, a great many companies are doing it wrong, and even the large and supposedly very professional companies.

Vision creates earnings & enterprise value

Ertrag Unternehmenswert

– Less comparability – more unique position and margin
– No stagnation – more potential utilization and turnover
– Lower costs – higher yield
– Fewer financial worries – maximum enterprise value

Vision creates energy & performance

Energie Leistung

– Less clumsiness – more motivation and performance
– Less fear and doubt – more confidence
– Fewer staff shortages – greater appeal to employees

Vision creates clarity & effectiveness

Klarheit Wirksamkeit

– Less confusion – more clarity and orientation
– Fewer conflicts – more unity and alignment
– Less distraction – more focus and power
– Less effort and stress – higher leadership effectiveness

Vision creates opportunities & security

Vision Sicherheit

– Fewer threats – more opportunities for the future
– Less short-sightedness – more foresight and intelligence for the future
– Less blind flying – more foresight
– Less risk – more future robustness

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