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The importance of digitization for medical technology

Fuád Abuschuscha The market for medical technology will change on many different levels as a result of digitization. On the one hand, digitization makes it possible to solve the major challenges we face today. On the other hand, digitization itself brings with it new tasks and challenges that have to be solved by medical engineers […]

How will artificial intelligence change diagnostics and consulting in medicine?


Fuád Abuschuscha In 1956, the Dartmouth Conference, the first scientific conference on artificial intelligence (AI), was held in Hanover, New Hampshire/USA. For decades, AI systems lived in the shadows. Without large amounts of data, their breeding ground was lacking and, due to limited computing power, the possibility to use them. There is little shortage in […]

Business Model Canvas: How do you develop a business model for your strategy?

Eignet sich der Business Model Canvas im Mittelstand?

The business model is the machine with which you practice your future orientation, specifically the mission, positioning and vision in your day-to-day business. In the description of the business model, you must not remain general. In the business model, you need to clarify all the necessary details of how your business works. In a way […]

Implementing the future effectively with OKR

OKR, Zukunftsstrategie und Simon Sinek

Objectives and Key Results, or O K R for short, is finding more and more followers. This paper provides an overview of what OKR is, what benefits it provides, and what the Objectives and Key Results approach does not do. But where does OKR come from? Peter Drucker developed the leadership concept Management by Objectives […]