The importance of digitization for medical technology

Fuád Abuschuscha

The market for medical technology will change on many different levels as a result of digitization. On the one hand, digitization makes it possible to solve the major challenges we face today. On the other hand, digitization itself brings with it new tasks and challenges that have to be solved by medical engineers in particular.

There are numerous examples of how digitization can be used to solve problems. For example, a key problem in all health systems is staff shortages. The shortage of qualified workers is already a major issue today and represents a major challenge.

If we look at what AI systems are already doing today and will be doing in the future, it becomes clear that they can remedy this situation. With the help of AI systems, it will be possible to provide significantly more care with existing staff.

How should that be possible?

AI makes it possible to use people, the existing workforce, much more efficiently and effectively. Workers can be relieved and freed from tasks that, in essence, are not actually part of their job description and only hinder them.

Babylon’s mission is to make affordable healthcare available to everyone around the world. Babylon recently launched a project to digitize the healthcare system in Rwanda. Part of the system are AI-powered solutions. For example, it is designed to help medical staff ask the right questions.

Shivon Byamukama, CEO of Babyl Rwanda says: “Rwandans have embraced digital healthcare that allows them to access clinicians from wherever they are. With the introduction of the AI triage tool in our call center, we are effectively placing doctors’ brains in the hands of our nurses in the digital triage.”

Thus, less time of the scarce physician resource is needed for the important history taking. In addition, the system assists staff at many points, helping them to make decisions faster and arrive at the right decisions more quickly. This time saving enables staff to respond more intensively to individual patients, provide better care and simply engage more in dialogue with patients.


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