When will 3D printing finally become established in logistics?

Wann setzt sich 3D-Druck in der Logistik durch?

Enno Däneke The long-term vision of 3D printing logistics is, of course, the replicator as seen in Star Trek. Unfortunately, we are still a long way from that. Why? Because to do that, we would have to print at the molecular level and at the elemental level. For this purpose, every element that can potentially […]

Make your vision work! How to successfully implement your vision

Make your vision work

Even the best vision is of no use if you don’t communicate it effectively. And in such a way that it reaches the minds, hearts and hands of your employees and is consistently targeted in day-to-day business as an image of the future. In theory, this sounds logical and simple, but in practice it is anything but trivial. Therefore, this is where the work really begins.

Autonomous trucks – What do drivers do?

Autonome LKW – Was machen die Fahrer?

The next ten years will radically change freight transport by road. Where they still exist, drivers will take on entirely new roles. The transportation of the future is intelligent, networked and automated. In the public debate, the use of autonomous commercial vehicles is not discussed as much as the topic of automated passenger cars. Probably […]

5 vision candidates for automotive suppliers

Visionskandidaten für Automobilzulieferer

What direction are you aiming for as an automotive supplier? Vision candidates are basically desirable to each other alternative images of a fascinating and feasible future of your company. Digitization, electrification and autonomous driving, as well as new target groups and forms of use of mobility services, will open up numerous opportunities for automotive suppliers […]

The end of the car – as we know it: The automotive industry in transition

End of the car as we know it

The automotive industry is facing the biggest transformation in its history. In just 15 years, according to one conceivable scenario, no one will buy a car anymore. The reason: Increasing connectivity and intelligent automation of vehicles is turning mobility into a service offering – a multi-trillion dollar market. The differences between the old era of the automobile and the new era of mobility are massive, but with a good strategy, the transformation can succeed.