5 vision candidates for automotive suppliers

What direction are you aiming for as an automotive supplier?

Vision candidates are basically desirable to each other alternative images of a fascinating and feasible future of your company.

Digitization, electrification and autonomous driving, as well as new target groups and forms of use of mobility services, will open up numerous opportunities for automotive suppliers in the coming years. But which of them fit the respective company, i.e. its culture, mission, positioning and business models?

Without a directional decision, a company cannot focus due to overflowing complexity. Only when the basic direction is clear can opportunities be developed in a targeted and creative manner. With the preferred vision candidate, you decide on the direction you want to go. The goal is to develop a suitable vision that is unique in your market.

Identify and exploit your strategic opportunities in current and new business areas

In our series, we present five inspiring vision candidates that we have developed based on three dimensions.

Individual vision candidates

  • Vision Candidate A: Partner for Smart Solutions
  • Vision Candidate B: Best Robocab Component Supplier
  • Vision Candidate C: E-Mobility Expert
  • Vision Candidate D: Data Disruptor
  • Vision Candidate E: White Label Car Manufacturer

The future of the automotive supplier industry is described with the help of the five future glasses of the Eltville model for future-robust strategy development.

This series is based on FMG’s Market Foresight ‘Roadmap to Disaster? Surviving Disruption! Vision candidates for automotive suppliers in a radically changing market’.

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Have a bright future!