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They are inherently blind to the future!

This future blindness is innate: the human brain is structurally more of a brake block than a springboard to the future. Often we recognize the future only when it is already past. But the good news is that we can re-educate and train it.

Create your own crises instead

Mechanical engineering “made in Germany” – what guaranteed top positions in the global market for decades is in danger of being lost.

Are we on the way to a new man?

Turning disabilities into advantages: Artificial hips, organs, arms and legs save and improve the lives of the sick and disabled. But we will go further. We have long since begun to expand the capabilities of man. Where does that lead?

Tame the short term animal in you!

Humans are the only creatures that can think about long-term futures – but apparently not very well. Sometimes you can feel sorry for politicians. As

Secure your existence – in future markets

Markets worth billions, markets of the future, growth markets. To some, these words sound like something from a bygone era. After all, everyone knows that growth is the devil’s stuff and that soon there won’t be any left. And anyway, why does it always have to be more of everything?

A golden future for knowledge workers?

Accountants, dispatchers, controllers, translators, pilots. Many of them have new jobs today, or none at all. More and more demanding work is being taken over by knowledge systems. And it’s really just getting started now. A golden future for knowledge workers?