Crisis Opportunity No. 02: Lead! Create a credibly positive future we

Dr. Pero Mićić

What specific opportunities do you have in the crisis?

Crisis Opportunity No. 02: Lead! Create a credibly positive future we

Leadership in crises

We all need confidence and hope. Always. All the more so in a difficult time like now in the crisis. Otherwise, we will sink into apathy and even depression. A positive future we helps! The people on your team need to see land. And yes, you as a leader first. To then develop your positive vision of the future with your team. Without the conviction and confidence that things will get better and good again, people do not act with an eye to the future. A positive image of the future also creates the prerequisite for successful crisis management. For leadership in crises. For leadership through crises.

Is there any legitimate hope at all that it will be okay again?

Look back

Our world has become better and better. We have cut world hunger in half since the mid-1990s alone. Although many more people live on earth. Survival rates for all forms of cancer are gradually approaching 100 percent. In fact, there is even less violent crime. Fewer war deaths. Fewer traffic fatalities. Fewer plane crashes. We have reduced infant and maternal mortality to a historic minimum. HIV is no longer a death sentence. Life expectancy has continued to rise in the larger trend. So I could list for hours how our world has gotten better and better.

Yes, of course, we still have big problems and we have also created new problems. But on the whole, the quality of life on Earth has continued to rise. After every war and also after every crisis, this positive development has continued. There is no serious reason why this positive development should stop now of all times.

The crisis will come to an end

Will everything be fine again after a few weeks? Realistically, times are not going to get back to normal that quickly. BUT: The crisis will not be endless either. It will come to an end.

We have the chance, you have the chance, that after this crisis we will experience a golden age of increasing quality of life. We could have had that by now, but that’s a different issue.
I just said: People need to see land. The land must look green and fertile. But everyone in the team must also see the same country to some extent.

Leadership in crises – a Positive Future We is crucial

Think about the person you will be in 2021 and beyond. Measure everything you do now by whether it does your future self good or harm. This is not always very clear. But it is definitely better than deciding according to your feeling in the here and now. I wrote a book a few years ago about how we screw up our future every day. And how to change that.

Conclusion: We have to let our future ego advise and steer us.

In the team, we therefore need a credibly positive future “we”. Firstly, for being able to believe in a better future at all, and secondly, for doing the right thing now, which our future we will be happy about and proud of. And so that we leave that and do not do what our future we will be angry about, what it will be ashamed of and what will harm it. How do you develop and what belongs in your future image, your future we?

In the following crisis-opportunity articles, I want to introduce you to one opportunity each, with which you can draw your future we, your future company. And can begin to build it in the here and now.

Concrete task 1: Positive future ego

Write down: How do you want your future self to feel? How should it live and work? What should it be proud of? What should it be happy about?

Concrete task 2: Positive future we

Write down with your team: How do we want our future we to feel? How should it work? What should it be proud of? What should it be happy about?

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Have a bright future!