The future strategy of d&b audiotechnik – CEO interview with Amnon Harman

Dr. Pero Mićić

d&b audiotechnik – a hidden champion

There are many hidden champions among companies in the German-speaking world. These are global market leaders that are known to relatively few people. I got to know d&b audiotechnik a few years ago when we were working together on their future strategy. And I was fascinated by this company from Backnang. At first I thought, okay, they make high-quality speakers in Germany. But what’s so special about loudspeakers? I was very wrong! d&b audiotechnik makes absolute audio high-tech almost like science fiction. In a concert hall and even in a stadium, you can ensure that every single member of the audience has exactly the same listening experience. Soundscapes is what you call it. d&b is an absolute bright future business. Passion is transferred from the stage to the audience in perfection.

That’s why I spoke to the CEO, Amnon Harman. I asked him how d&b achieved this leading market position. I used the eight characteristics of future-proof companies from my latest book as a structure for the interview. These eight qualities characterize companies that you would like to invest in, that you would like to own, that you would like to work for and that customers would like to buy from.

CEO interview with Amnon Harman from d&b audiotechnik

You too can realign your company for the future

Make your business future-proof. Future-proof companies have the following characteristics that you can achieve with us:

✔️ They sustainably improve the quality of life for many people.

✔️Sie are working on major realizable future opportunities.

✔️ Many customers like to buy a lot and at profitable prices.

✔️ Excellent employees come, stay and engage gladly.

✔️ Their productivity is at the top of the industry.

✔️ Your competitors will have a hard time copying you.

✔️ You are protected against technical-strategic disruptions.

✔️ Your company is a joy for shareholders.


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I wish you a bright future!

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